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Search for Milli Vanilli (The)

Yay a Duck farm owned by MW. Wtf? Rob Pilatus is suicidal on the cliffs
February 24th, 2010
Score : 8.5 good
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This review is on the Search for Milli Vanilli, another DMOD by Seth, and a really bad one, too.
Dink visits a town where he plans to watch Milli Vanilli at concert. Unfortunately, Rob Pilatus is about to commit suicide because he thinks nobody loves him. Fabrice Morvan has already quit, and is now raising ducks. It's your job to get them back together and watch them "sing".
There are some new midis here, by the band, and have great quality for them being midis. I honestly had no idea that voices were possible with midis.
Mapping and Scripting
The Mapping: The full map for this game is really small, and has little going on. The upside, once again, is the little amount of hardness errors. There were some new graphics too, like the CD "magic" you can buy from a CD store. The heads are really creepy looking, and are a lot bigger than Dink, but you'll have to play this if you don't believe me.
The Scripting: the first time playing this, I ran into a freeze error. The moment I reached the duck farm with Fabrice Morvan, she spoke, and the game froze. Another problem with this game, is the intro doesn't freeze Dink's position, so you can walk around with the intro still playing. Aside from that stuff, this DMOD ran smoothly most of the time. I lked the fact that after beating this DMOD, you gain a lot of stats which will kinda help with killing the slayers, just for fun.
I played this game few times, and mainly because the humour was well written and had good timing.
Overall and Final Comments
Overall, this DMOD was very nicely done, and had a nice story put into it. I wouldn't actually recommend this game to any hard-core Dinker, or anyone who wants a lot of game-play, but I would recommend this, if you are bored, and want a DMOD was strange humour.