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Search for Milli Vanilli (The)

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June 8th, 2002
Score : 4.6 tolerable
Peasant Male
Hmmm, The Search for Mili Vanili

I was making a game from scratch about a band I knew, and then I game across this D-MOD. Great a good d-mod to base my "Blues Brothers" game on. However, playing the game I was terrified! How could this ugly computer nerd, seth, make such a small game like this! I didn't know the answer, and still dont, but here is what I think...


Hmmm, strengths, thats a hard one, but I guess the MIDI's were pretty good. Also the story was short, but sweet. And I also thought that the way you can activate the CD and play it was a good laugh. (I replaced it with a .wav file, me belching into my mike) and had endless amount of fun. I think the idea behind the D-MOD was good, but not well planned, or put together. A few new graphics put my score up a small amount, but it dropped with the dismal weaknesses.


The amazingly small size of this D-MOD was dismal. I found the plot behind the whole D-MOD was terrifying, and that the small amount of NEW graphics to the game did not help. I will say the D-MOD had a storyline, but I think I should release a "Blues Brothers" D-MOD to cover up its bad points.


If you want a good laugh, or just another D-MOD to add to your collection, yes go out and get it. However, for serious gamers, I would not recommend it. Please take my advise hear, you will benifit from it!

Total 4.6

Grade C

End comment "Beginner D-MOD authors? See how it's done, here"