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Scar of David (The)

Papa Georgios Pizza Parlor I HATE PILLBUGS!
January 25th, 2004
Score : 8.0 good
Peasant He/Him Australia
The other 3 reviews have summed up the plot quite well (scratcher, dinkmega, Binirit reviews).

One of the best things for me about this DMOD is that is was the first non-RtSoft DMOD to be released. Which was back in March 1998. Considering this is now Jan 2004, it's nearly over 6 years old.

There is very little to do... except find out about the "Scar of David". There is one secret area, but it doesn't offer much other than the chance to talk to the guard there.

The graphical design is good. Sets a good mood.

I didn't like the pillbugs that appear/disappear after being killed - not sure why the scripts for these enemies were set up this way. (Having peaked into the script, it seems Mike used the "die" procedure to check if the blocker to the stairs needed to be removed or not)

There is humour... and it is in the same vain as the original. That is: silly with double entendres mixed with downright crudity. You may not get to all the silly dialogue, it depends on how many times you hit people before and after talking to them.

If this DMOD was released today it would only rate about a 5 for me for it is too short and doesn't have enough to do, but considering its place in the history of Dink I give it a 7, and an extra point for the humour style (which I like) so that makes it an 8.

(Oh and if you ever "decompile" the scripts you can see how well written in terms of programming they are. Mike uses the busy() function to check on Dink's status, which reminded me I should be more thorough in my own scripts. So, I learnt something by looking at the scripts which are nearly 6 years old... just forgive me, Mike, for uncompressing them )