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Scar of David (The)

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June 10th, 2002
Score : 2.0 horrible
Peasant Male
Ah, scar of david, made by good old Mike Snyder, not part of the Dink Network anymore. Scar of David, the small stupid D-MOD. Well, to be truthful I thought that scar of David, was good fun. Why? Read what I think the strengths and weaknesses are to find out...


Mike Snyders tile set is included in this D-MOD, so I am going to say that Scar Of David has new graphics. The tile set can be used in many different ways. In it, it has water tiles, inside tiles, many good rock floor tiles, and some strange purple tech tiles. Now, the game itself. Seeing as it was Mike Snyders first D-MOD it isn't too bad, and I liked the way the ending thingy flashed up at the end. I think that the storyline was good, although it was extremely short. The introduction screen isn't too bad, an I liked the music it had.


One of the main weaknesses was probably the size of this D-MOD. It was terribly short, and doesn't deserve a high mark. I feel that even though it was his first D-MOD, it was terrible in size. The amount of storyline to it, was also, very bad. I couldn't understand the ending, until I found out I had to wait until you hear about the scarf. I thought that this would have been better made to be an "example" D-MOD to show how D-MODS can easily be made. I also found some hardness errors, and a strange goblin hut to the north, which you could not enter. I do not understand why this is here, or if it is meant to be part of the D-MOD. I did not like this D-MOD and I have stated many bad points to show why. I thought that S.O.D 2 would have been better, but thats another story...


I found this D-MOD to be very short, un-exciting, and really not worth the download. If you like short D-MODS then maybe there can be an exception, but for serious gamers, take my advice and do NOT download Scar Of David

Total 2.0
Grade D-

End comment "Terribly short, not worth the time"