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Attack of the Goblins (The)

Oh no, goblins! From the COTPATD project.
September 6th, 2009
Score : 3.0 tolerable
Peasant He/Him United States
Love! True love! 
Dink is attacked by a goblin on his way to Martridge's house, which means there is a war. The king sends you your merry way to stop the war by killing all the goblins.

Very unbalanced. You start on a screen with a line of barrels, all filled with strength potions, and a goblin. You don't even have to kill the goblin to go down the stairs (that sound like a door). The next screen is Martridge's has a fireball scroll on the table, which, oddly enough, looks like a mushroom. You can talk to Martridge, he'll tell you you need to go talk to the King...and if you talk to him again, he says the same thing. Out the door, and you're in yet another screen loaded with barrels full of strength potions. And, like killing the goblin and talking to Martridge, talking to the King isn't necessary to progress with the story. Walk into the blue star (that also sounds like a door) and you'll be in a screen with a few gold hearts, a red heart, several goblins, and a slayer. Taking the gold hearts along with all the strength potions will make you nearly invincible. And, the slayer is the only monster that unlocks the screenlock. So if you don't kill the slayer last, the screen stays locked. Up a screen, and you'll talk to a rock/fence/invisible sprite, that is, apparently, the author of the D-Mod. The End.

The Bad

No borders to indicate where screens end, except for Martridge's house.

All warps sound like doors.

If you don't kill the slayer last in the second to last screen, the screen stays locked.

Too many power ups.

Grammar and spelling errors.

The Good
Although this may not be the best D-Mod of all time, it wouldn't be too bad if the slayer problem was fixed, the power ups were a little less numerous, and the spelling and grammar was fixed. The warps sounding like doors (besides doors, of course, they're supposed to sound like doors) thing is in many D-Mods, I don't see why I should pick on this one for it. The tiles could be changed in some places, but other than that, it wasn't that bad, at least not in my opinion.

February 16th, 2019
Score : 1.5 horrible
Peasant He/Him Hungary bloop
The nation above all 
This D-Mod is bad and very short. The story is that the goblins attacked the kingdom, it's up to Dink to save the day. There's no deeper story than that. The mapping is not great, and the balance is non-existant - you get many strength potions and that makes all enemies super easy. You get to meet with Martridge and the king, nobody else. I would not recommend this to anyone, unless you want to play something very short.
August 25th, 2009
Score : 1.2 horrible
Peasant He/Him
hi heres what i have to say,
ok, this d-mod is filled with glitches and simple graphics in the d-mod. you displayed a bad storyline and glitches that may make people angry
you displayed little effort in this d-mod.
Where is the continue button and why did u put kings as buttons?? that made me laugh and "please don't qui"
you are meant to say quit
and down stairs is that a basement in the middle of nowhere
"a lovely scroll"WHAT i never knew that mushrooms where scrolls? you may have tried to be funny
is our little wizard like a parrot he repeated the word in the same way same tone same words but not in the same place
and how did i get under that bookself?
i got outta there but what? we end up near a king and barrels how? i dunno anyway
GOOD: i liked to kill the goblins

BAD: there is so many bad stuff to mention that i would not like to write some improvements for you

draw better grapics
play your d-mod!
spend more time on a screen so you don't make it confusing
use windinkedit plus if you have not already
make your next d-mod your best

July 10th, 2008
Score : 0.0 horrible
Peasant He/Him United States
Youth is wasted on the young 
I hope this is just a demo and that it will be finished at a later date because otherwise I see no point to this DMOD.

The Good- It is short (cuts short the agony of playing). I went through the entire DMOD in about 3 minutes time.

The Bad- Everything else. Gold, with nothing to buy, so many free potions and golden hearts you can't lose, and no storyline development.

Summary- Takes longer to download than it does to play.