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Stone of Balance

September 30th, 2003
Score : 9.2 exceptional
Stone of balance-Simon Kleabe

First of all a warning;
This is a very hard nut to crack!Not only are there some pretty strong enemy's to destroy,you have to answer diffecult questions and riddles and the quests are down right impossible sometimes.I played this game in god mode cause I get pissed off when things take to long but if you are patience enough you'll be spending a lot of hours without a cheat on this game.

The story;
Its about evil that wants to take over the world by stealing the stone of balance.It breaks in pieces and Dink has to find the 7 fragments.Sounds easy?Guess again!

Story 1 is easy (compared to the others!) when you once know what to do and not so different from the original Dink game.However there are some new enemy's;The scorpions.Nasty little stingers they are.And Dink has to take a piss.Laught my ass off,pissing on a duck!You'll sing your way in this one.

Story 2 is just impossible without help from one of the cheat add on's (I played it in god mode from Mimi) and in the small maze you hear the sounds from mission impossible...very suitable.Running in a maze where fireball's blast your ass off and a end boss that just wont die is my interpetation of mission impossible.BIG TIME!However,after you beat
this story things get better and better.

Story 3 is about a small settlement in the dessert.Its great to be here after story 2.A lot of small quest's to do like picking up wood,find a pisspot and so on.Thank god we found herb boots in story 2 cause we have to walk a lot in this one.A new obstacle in this story;quicksand!
You'll drown in it when you fall in.Cool!

Story 4 happens in a big world with a lot characters who can help you.(loved the serventgirl that "tests" the guard)and a well made forrest.There are again a lot of little quest's to perform before you leave for the next world and some are very funny...(Give a priest whisky?) Really would hope to see a sequal where we meet the satin knights...

Story 5 you have to lift a curse from king Midas who turns everything he touches into gold.When you search the wizzard that has to lift the curse you bump into a new kind of inviormentwith small vulcano's and red grounds.It wasn't an exiting quest but I did like the change.

Story 6, finally I can wave my hands cause this is the story that I really rolled of my chair.When you enter this world you maybey think that someone put LSD in your drink cause Simon really got creative in this world.Collourd ground, cristals weird trees,you name it.Some really excelent new monsters;breast shaped and was that otherone what I think it was?There are 3 womanlike creatures that you have to find that where quite different than what I ever saw in a Dink dmod.I was amazed by graphics as well by the quest's he has to do.Dink becomes a father of some interesting kids.He sure gets layed often ;-p

Story 7 is very confronting...fight yourself 3 times basicly.Looks harder than it actualy is,fight the big one and there you have saved the world!!

Add it all up and I find that the storyline is very well put together and exiting to play.

Graphics:`The worlds looked good and some even where amazing.Got stuck though a couple of times in the screen but no real problems there.(happens a lot in Dink games, even the original)

Midi:Again I do not pay any attention to music as long as its not annoying although there where some sounds that where well chosen.In world 6 the midi fitted right and in world 2 I feld extremely sorry for myself when I heard the mision impossible tune.And don't forget the goblins!

Bad:Yes,there are some things that almost drove me to trow my computer out my window.The whole big maze part in story 2 for instance.And without the walktrough you are helpless I think.Like I have sad, a very
hard nut to crack and sometimes mayby a little TOO diffecult.I do recomend a cheat when you play this game.You WILL go crazy!!

Overall this is a great dmod and I'm glad that I tried it a second time.Its a great adventure to play and you won't regret downloading it.And because the beatifull story 6 you sure deserve a 9.2 : )

Like to add personaly that I think Dink deserves the sex he had in this game...finally the hero gets rewarded...