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Stone of Balance

June 19th, 2002
Score : 9.8 exceptional
This is one impressive DMOD. Yep, its an epic in every sense of the word. 7 stories in one... almost 7 DMODs in one!

Most of the reviews have hit the right notes, Story 2 is the worst. Just gotta hate that one. Story 1 probably the best, but I gotta say, getting on with all the women (human and not so human) in story 6 was a trip.

Plus all the new graphics. And there is a lot of those. Sorta makes the worlds different and uniques. Bonus points for that - makes up for the Story 2 stuff.

Midis - not too bad. Most great. A couple just ok.

Gameplay - yep a lot of walkking at times. Had to use the walkthru here and there, but still it's got a lot of humour. Some very funny stuff.

Overall 9.0 but I think the extra graphics bump it up to 9.8. Well done Simon - gives up more!!!