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Okay... I'm gonna give you my new review system. I've looked thru a lot of what you guys do and I can see one fault. Your reviews put everything in the same basket. A romp = A quest = An epic = A demo = A trailer. Nothing wrong with that, 'cept I don't think it does credit to the epics.

So here is my system
EPIC DMODS - max score 9.9 (should be 10)
QUEST DMODS - max score 9.5
ROMP DMODS - max score 9.0
DEMOS - max score 8.5
TRAILERS - max score 8.0

Now to go and review... and not stop ;-)

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2003-02-12 17:11:09
Man, I've not been here for a while. And things have changed. New site icons... phew. Gonna take some getting used to... But I like the look

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This is a Very Well Thought Out Piece of Work Hard Tile TutorialNormalExceptional 9.5July 4th, 2002
Original Music AmoebaLord's Custom Songs Midi PackNormalGood 8.0July 4th, 2002
Well Friends Beyond 3: Legend of TenjinNormalGood 7.8June 26th, 2002
A Very Funny Dmod Quest for Cheese (The)NormalExceptional 9.2June 26th, 2002
Well Prophecy of the AncientsNormalExceptional 9.0June 20th, 2002
This is One Impressive Dmod Stone of BalanceNormalExceptional 9.8June 19th, 2002