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Stone of Balance

April 22nd, 2004
Score : 9.7 exceptional
Peasant Male Netherlands
Lava pig to the rescue! 
Just finished the game, so it's time for a good old review

Graphics: Well, they were just great, really one of the best I have ever seen. From new enemy's(like the boobs) to a dink/bird form. It was all very nice. Adding the trees etc. was really great. Also you added a new kind of bow lore, very cool mate! I would have to give you a 10,0 for this!

Story: A stone that breakes and needs to be repaired. If you hear this you think about a small quest to get all the pieces, but you managed to put a lot of fun things in it, so that the game won't last short.. You did this brilliant. The story is well thought. I will give you a 9,0 for that.

Midi's: It seems like you have been doing a lot of searching because you have added many new midi's and they were all good. Also, you menage to put the excact right midi at the right spot. Well done. I'll give you a 9,5 for that...

Gameplay: Well, it was just great! You have putted a lot of missions/quests in the game what kept me busy some time. Some were boring(as you had to walk back, go away, walk back etc. a lot) but most of them were cool and funny. Adding the fact that you can pee on the king was the best of the game Just piss in his castle and he reacts! Never thought he would, but you added a lot of funny "eastereggs" like these. 10 for the gameplay.

Humor: Well, there is A LOT of humor in the game(Glad there is!!) Like I mentioned before, pissing in people's houses is one of them. I'll give you an 8,5 for that.

Maybe a little bit too much sex..But who cares about that! (Go dink, bang all the woman to save the world...)

Overall: It's the best game I played so far on dinknetwork. A lot of humor, fighting and searching, what makes this look special, in every single way... 9,7

I downloaded this game together with Pilgrim's quest..(Only found out it was yours too yesterday) So I'm gonne lay my hand on that game now. Expect a review there too.