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Stone of Balance

February 24th, 2003
Score : 9.7 exceptional
This is one of the best d-mod games ever made. When i played this game, I didn't know how good it was. I read the reviews and then I though "this must be good". And I were right...

Graphics: I must be honest to say, that this game beat every record. The new cool monsters, and the floors, and backgrounds. Nice make, and no hardness lag in the whole game. But I didn't story world 2, all the great and beautiful graphics and then a crappy world 2. But it isn't going to destroy the great game it is

Story: Is there anything to say? It can't be better. I think the ending is very good, because you think you have won, and then there is a upcoming game. Thatís REALLY good. I have played Pilgrim too, four times! I am looking forward to play the Necromancer game. I hope it have the same great style and the perfect storyline as this d-mod.

Music: AAAAHHHH!! I like the sound in my ears. Normally, I think dink music "sucks" but many different melodies give the game style. And if there only is an irritable sound all the time in the d-mod, you just won't play the d-mod. Try Dry! That is crap; because I get sick of the music, all in the game get me sick in my head.

Game style: I am a big fan of the game style where a big storyline is hide. I like to play d-mods when it takes over 15 hours to finish. I used many WEEKS to find out how to find the Whiskey in story 4. I just like large games...

Humour: What should I say? Itís a humoristic d-mod, with Dink Smallwood as main character. Fun in Dink is the best ever!

I didn't give this game higher because I think I will give Pilgrim 9.8 and if the Necromancer d-mod rules, I give that game 9.9.

This is a must game! Download it and you will have a exchange from Counter strike