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Stone of Balance

April 3rd, 2003
Score : 9.9 exceptional
SimonK is by far my favorite D-mod creater. I enjoyed SOB more than the original Dink, and I have to applaud Simon on the sheer amount of WORK that must have gone into every one of his mods. You can always expect something new with his adventures.

PRO: If you like humor in your adventure, then this is the D-mod for you. Not only is the humor good, but the grammar too! New graphics, new spells, new enemies, and new items! Lots of stores and oppurtunities to level-up. Lots of puzzles. Personally, I think an RPG should be ENTERTAINING, you know- keep my interest. Give me lots of treasure to find and all that. This mod really comes through.

CON: The humor was a bit, hmmm...MISOGYNISTIC. It did give the game a particularly Dinkish character, but perhaps Simon just needs a little sunlight or something- He probably doesn't get out much, spending all his time creating great D-mods for us!

Overall, if you are a Dink fan DOWNLOAD THIS NOW!!