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Sprite Replacer

July 2nd, 2002
Score : 9.9 exceptional
Wow! Paul's Sprite Replacer is an amazing and powerful tool. Using an intuitive, 2 pane, multi-field interface, the d-mod author now has the abilty to adjust every attribute for any sprite in the game. Not only that, but it allows the user to adjust the attributes for several of the same sprites at the same time.

Big deal? Yes, huge! Probably every d-mod author has at one time or another (multiple times, in my experience) accidently put down a new sprite without zero-ing out its attributes. You don't notice right away, and then suddenly, five screens later, you realize you've just created an entire village with warp properties or an entire forest of trees that think they're pillbugs.

Well, thanks to Paul(thanks Paul!), it is now possible to change the script, hardness, warp properties, brain, type, vision, size, que, sound, hitpoints, sequence, frame, base_walk, etc, of any sprite in the game without having to hunt from screen to screen trying to locate all the sprites you wish to adjust. You can even change the x/y coordinates.

You can change all, some, or only one of these attributes. Another advantage is that you can use the tool to simply search for sprites that match certain specifications, without necessarily changing those specifications.

Finally, the Sprite Replacer even supports Ranges and Multiple Values. So you can find all sprites that are within a certain range, for example, "Find sprites with brain 3, that have the script 'monkey[1-3]'", would return all brain 3 sprites with the script "monkey1", "monkey2", and "monkey"3". Further, you can do multiple ranges like, "1,3,5-7,19,45".

I remember calling Paul's IniClean tool a "tremendous timesaver", well that goes quadruple for his Sprite Replacer.

Excellent Job!