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Sprite Replacer

August 24th, 2003
Score : 9.7 exceptional
Peasant Male Australia
Really very useful tool for a number of reasons.

First is to fix careless DMOD author errors such as wrong hardness, wrong script attached to sprites - this is very easy to do if you are happily generating sprites with the stamp tool.

Second - locating sprites with certain scripts attached when you are trying to debug a faulty DMOD (maybe as a beta tester, or if you are playing a DMOD and just have encountered a game freezing bug the author didn't catch).

Lots of good features such as accessing dink.ini lines, map graphic import to show where sprites occur.

The only thing that may be going against it is the fact that I got a corrupt map while using this program (and also WDE and DE - so not sure what the faulty program was, or maybe it's the combination of more than one)

9.7 out of 10