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Spare Tiles

June 30th, 2002
Score : 7.4 good
This is a single tile set similar to the one provided in SkeltonB. Not counting the pure white and black tiles, there are 16 different styles of tiles. Most of them are 100 x 100 pixels, although some of them are 4 identical 50 x 50. None of them do have more than 4 variations (100 x 100). I would number them from 1 to 16 from the upper left corner to the lower right corner (going from left to right then next row etc.).

Although most of them look great, I don't think most of them can be used in a ordinary Dink dmod. Some of them (No. 1, No. 2, and No. 6) cannot be aligned well in a game screen. A clear boundary would be noticed between each 100 x 100 square. Personally I especially feel bad about No. 6 because I think that tile is one of the few that can be used in Dink.

7 of the 16 tiles (except No. 3, 5, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16) have only one variation (a 50 x 50). If you use them to form the background, it would look bad and boring.

Personally I only like No. 6 (irregular stone slap pavement)(if the alignment can be fixed), No. 8 (dried land), and No. 9 (marble floor). I would like to see more variations about those 3 tile styles so that people can really use them in their dmods. Especially No. 8 (the dried land), if you create more variations with different cracks and have a smooth transition to grass or sand, that would be an excellent asset for everybody.

Some people might find No. 4, 5, 7, 10, and 13 usable, but to me, they look "fake" and I just can't see them to be a good background.

There are 3 minor glitches in the zip file although you can argue them to be OK. First is you don't need to include the Path. If people forgot to uncheck "Use folder names" in Winzip since most of the time you do need to check it, you will have a sparetiles subfolder in your tiles folder. That is not necessary since the author did not use any specific tile set number for the tile bmp file. The other small thing is that the author give a ts-XX.BMP name for the tile bmp file instead of tsXX.bmp. Originally I didn't notice and only replace XX with a number, and it didn't show up. Athough the author said it correctly in the ReadMe file, I think it would save some troubles for some careless people like me if the file name is tsXX.bmp. Also the bmp file is a 24-bit bmp instead of using 256 Dink palette. So the size of this file is much bigger than necessary, and if somebody decides to replace ts01.bmp with this file, it would throw the color of the whole dmod out of control.

Originally I would only give this file a 5.0 score because to me most of the tiles are not usable and those errors in such a small file, however, for the great potential about 3 of the tiles, I would give this file a 7.4 to encourage the author to explore the possibility of those 3 tiles.