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July 25th, 2002
Score : 8.2 good
Peasant Male
Here's my custom tile set, I think that maybe some of the tiles in here could have been greatly improved by simply making the tiles more friendly to the user by for example, making it so some of them go together better. They look a bit "cut up" else which isn't too nice. Apart from that, I've found places where all of the tiles here can be used as people have reviewed it saying they don't know where some of the tiles would go, well I'm going to number the tiles from left to right like reading a book, then going on to the next line and reading left to right. Here's where they can all go though...

1 - Can be used in either a Dark gloomy forest (works well with those dark black trees) or in a really dirty dungeon of some kind. I'm using this in my upcoming D-MOD SPIKE - THE END OF THE BEGINNING for "The Dark Forest", near the bad guy's lair.

2 - Can be used in some machinery or mechanical type place, gives you a high techno feeling. With stuff like robots and machines it looks very good, and also very futuristic. I've used this on a spaceship in Beyond The Galaxy.

3 - Can be used in either a stupid D-MOD, for example the chocolate sea, as it looks like chocolate, swirly chocolate. That or in a way that I used it in my Beyond The Galaxy Intro, where Reelo, the mysterious guy in the boat, is floating on it. A narration screen in other words.

4 - Can be used inside a house as a carpet, I'm going to be using this as Dinks modern house in SPIKE - THE END OF THE BEGINNING D-MOD EPIC. It's a cozy warm carpety feeling, and doesn't work too bad at all. Very good as a carpet here, maybe if you cut it out and modified it a bit, you could make a rug as well

5 - I used this in SPIKE as once again inside a house. This one was used in a cheaper house, that a magician lives in. Giving you an old yet still modern feeling. No DethLord it's not the cranky fella's house.

6 - I'm using this as a lead up to an acienct temple, this will be old ground with a rocky, sacred feeling. Can be used widely in game.

7 - Put together this is usually used as the ground floor of a dungeon, or, a lair. I'm personally using it as SPIKEs lair in that D-MOD. Very good lair effect given off however.

8 - This is cracked earth that I will be using in New Beginnings 2, in a sort of abandoned land, where everything is scorching hot and the earth is broken. That's simple to explain

9 - A dark floor that I use in the magicians underground cabin. This is a very posh, marble type tile, givingg a very posh marble type feeling, beleive it or not

10 - This is a tile that looks kind of like concrete, this is what I am using in the old cranky fella's house in SPIKE. He doesn't have time to carpet his house or anything, so I used this. Can also be used in a cellar or basement.

11 - This tile, although it doesn't look like it could, fitted in a strange land at day time that I use in New Beginnings 3. It worked well I think!

12 - Can be used, if surrounded by a gate or something, in a type of bush, or thornely area that if you walk over you get stung by stinging nettles. A country-side feeling.

13 - This looks similar to number 5, only darker. it looks as if it is number 5, only glazed and shiny

14 - This can be used on a factory converyor belt, where mechanicals go along. This is like a warning sign, like a "get your hands of me" colour, yellow and black. Very good for its purpose

15 - I'm currently using this as the floor of an elevator, I don't know why, it just looks good, there's holes in the texture, like the elevator floors you might see in rusty house elevators.

16 - Can be used in the same fashion as number 6, only in a more posh high standard way.

The other two are standard white and black tiles.

All of these tiles can be used in some way, I'm using this tile set alot. So I do like it. Altogether an 8.2
June 30th, 2002
Score : 7.4 good
This is a single tile set similar to the one provided in SkeltonB. Not counting the pure white and black tiles, there are 16 different styles of tiles. Most of them are 100 x 100 pixels, although some of them are 4 identical 50 x 50. None of them do have more than 4 variations (100 x 100). I would number them from 1 to 16 from the upper left corner to the lower right corner (going from left to right then next row etc.).

Although most of them look great, I don't think most of them can be used in a ordinary Dink dmod. Some of them (No. 1, No. 2, and No. 6) cannot be aligned well in a game screen. A clear boundary would be noticed between each 100 x 100 square. Personally I especially feel bad about No. 6 because I think that tile is one of the few that can be used in Dink.

7 of the 16 tiles (except No. 3, 5, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16) have only one variation (a 50 x 50). If you use them to form the background, it would look bad and boring.

Personally I only like No. 6 (irregular stone slap pavement)(if the alignment can be fixed), No. 8 (dried land), and No. 9 (marble floor). I would like to see more variations about those 3 tile styles so that people can really use them in their dmods. Especially No. 8 (the dried land), if you create more variations with different cracks and have a smooth transition to grass or sand, that would be an excellent asset for everybody.

Some people might find No. 4, 5, 7, 10, and 13 usable, but to me, they look "fake" and I just can't see them to be a good background.

There are 3 minor glitches in the zip file although you can argue them to be OK. First is you don't need to include the Path. If people forgot to uncheck "Use folder names" in Winzip since most of the time you do need to check it, you will have a sparetiles subfolder in your tiles folder. That is not necessary since the author did not use any specific tile set number for the tile bmp file. The other small thing is that the author give a ts-XX.BMP name for the tile bmp file instead of tsXX.bmp. Originally I didn't notice and only replace XX with a number, and it didn't show up. Athough the author said it correctly in the ReadMe file, I think it would save some troubles for some careless people like me if the file name is tsXX.bmp. Also the bmp file is a 24-bit bmp instead of using 256 Dink palette. So the size of this file is much bigger than necessary, and if somebody decides to replace ts01.bmp with this file, it would throw the color of the whole dmod out of control.

Originally I would only give this file a 5.0 score because to me most of the tiles are not usable and those errors in such a small file, however, for the great potential about 3 of the tiles, I would give this file a 7.4 to encourage the author to explore the possibility of those 3 tiles.
June 30th, 2002
Score : 7.0 good
Peasant Male Australia
A new set of tiles which can offer authors another choice, and thus help stimulate their ideas for new worlds. This tile is in a style similar to that released by Mike in his Skeleton-B DMOD.

Strengths: A lot of tiles compressed into one file. Most are 100 by 100 pixels, although a few of the nicer ones are larger. As to which ones are good is very much a subjective opinion. I like the cracked earth (found that one myself on the web a couple of months back and have adapted it for Pilgrim's Quest), also the black and white granite, and the ice field. The other one I think that has potential is the mud twirl (3rd one along the top)

Weaknesses: First off this is a 24 bit image - that is, not the 256 colours of Dink. But if you have any graphics program you can easily change that (even Paint if you download Redink1's tutorial) to get the best version use a program that can apply a palette with error diffusion.

Not all the tiles will "tile" seemslessly. But you can get around this to some extent with careful placement of sprites. Mind you I believe that most of the backgrounds will require new sprites as they inspire different worlds to me. I've tried putting in trees and stuff and it doesn't quite gel. Mind you eyeball jr. looks good with some of them.

Now none of these tiles will blend with anything else. Not even each other. Which means you will end up with a straight line as a join. This I think detracts from the overall map effect.

From top left to right... on down:

Mud: nice, tiles fairly seemlessly 7.5 out of 10
Redsquares: Weird, doesn't tile seemlessly 5 out of 10.
Mud twirl: nice, tiles well 8.0 out of 10
Road/ground: average, tiles fairly seemlessly 7 out of 10
Woodgrain: nice alternative to the interior floors, tiles well 9.0 out of 10
Rocks: nice, but doesn't tile well 7 out of 10
Spot/stains: average, tiles reasonably well with sprites hiding the patterning effect 7.5 out of 10
Cracked Earth: the best, tiles well 9.0 out of 10
Granite: second best, tiles well 8.5 out of 10
Ice: good, tiles well 8.0 out of 10
Wood(sand?): average due to the vertical lines, if they ran at 45 degrees it would've been better, tiles fairly well 7 out of 10
Leaves: weird, leaves are too big, looks strange, would have to suit a weird world, tiles reasonably well 6 out of 10
Wood grain: (looks best after applying a palette, tiles pretty well, not bad alternative for interior of houses 6.5 out of 10
Yellow/black strips: Tiles very well, but looks out of this world. Didn't appeal to me. 5 out of 10
Blue squares: tiles well, but is weird. Suitable for a mad scientists lab perhaps... 7.5 out of 10.
Ice 2: tiles well, but starts to get repetative. 7.5 out of 10
I'm not sure if white and black are meant to be there as tiles, so I won't rate them.

Total: 7.5 out of 10.0 plus 0.5 off for not applying the Dink palette

Overall 7.0 out of 10.0

July 11th, 2002
Score : 7.0 good
Peasant Male United States
Destroying noobs since 1999. 
I'm going to do a quick review of what I think of this since others pretty much hit every point. This tiles are very good for being custom made, and are useful in d-mods for the most part. However, I did try these in d-mods, and some of these tiles just, did look right in the dink universe. The only other thing I can think to hit on in here is there is only one tile set in here, there could have been more!

Overall: Good tile set, but needs some works and though put into it.
July 3rd, 2002
Score : 8.0 good
Peasant Female
This pack contains 1 tile to make 16 different kind of backgrounds/floors.

The tiles blend perfectly, apart from the grey stone ones. Most of them are very suitable for making floors in houses and I rate them as such, not for using them to create an outdoor background.
I am not quite sure where to use the ones that have red and blue squares, the one with black and yellow stripes, the one with leaves and the ones that resemble some sort of chocolate and popcorn. But the others are perfectly suitable for floors. All in all this is a very good addition to the other floor tiles. If you are getting tired of the old floors and you want some new ones, this pack is the one to download.