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May 22nd, 2011
Score : 8.0 good
It's too bad Absolution abandoned this D-Mod, because it could have been a good game.

Things I liked:

* The title screen
* The music choices
* The status bars on the enemies
* The new stats area
* The new locked screen indicators
* Dink's hexagonal house
* The map looks nice, with lots of interesting things everywhere. I liked the autumn-looking trees.
* The first surprise. Made it easy to level up!
* The dialogue wasn't dumb.
* It was amusing to see the author's note to himself in the girl's house.

Bad or strange things:

* It's a promising beginning to a story, but there isn't really enough of it to know if it will develop well.
* Most of the time there were only two save slots, and they were both filled already.
* There are some unfinished areas on the map, obviously, since this D-Mod was abandoned. Most notably, you can enter Milan, but there's nowhere to go in it.
* There are some bugs. Dink doesn't unfreeze after talking to the green guy in the bar. I had to close the game and restart it.
* The map has a few problems. There are some depth errors and a few tiling problems. On top of the cliff, in the screen just east of Milan, there's a big clump of rocks that a bonca was walking over but that Dink couldn't, so I was deprived of some gold. And in Traviss I got stuck in a locked screen behind a barrier of hedges and couldn't get to the bonca I needed to kill. Sometimes the bonca killed me and I had no way to fight back, and sometimes the bonca got stuck in a loop, continually attacking from a spot little too far away to hit me, and I had to exit the game. Also, for no visible reason I couldn't go west past Chakra's house.
* Here's a good bug: After talking to the weapons shop owner without paying anything, I got both swords anyway, and one of them (the stronger one?) added two points to my strength each time I equipped it. I pushed my strength up to 201 this way just for fun. Hitting with the stronger(?) sword produced a duck sound and no swing animation, and it didn't actually hit anything. But that was no problem, because my new strength stayed the same when I switched back to the other sword, which did hit things. This was handy after a certain key point in the plot.
* Dark gray text is kind of hard to read.

A lot of these would have been cleared up in beta testing, so I didn't count those against the score too much.