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Richard's Attack

Unique design. From the COTPATD project.
July 14th, 2002
Score : 0.5 horrible
Peasant Female
Richard has to save Anthony.

Storyline: There is one, but it is non-consistent.

Map and graphics: Mapping is really bad: hardness-errors everywhere, the map is plain empty. Some graphics are blown up almost out of proportion.

Music: Fair. Though I'm still wondering where the music came from, because there are no midi.files in any directory.

Bugs: The game crashed several times (and every time behind the castle) and it wouldn't start at all a couple of times. Somehow I managed to get through though, but that was only after I used the editor to put a savebot in (since the only savebot in the whole game is after the end-boss) so I could continue instead of starting al over again every time - and that I avoided the places where the games crashes helped too.

Good: Funny is that Dink is in the game as a statue; he sells the flamebow. After buying it he changes into the bow-carrying Dink. The different way of entering houses is neat if it wasn't for the damage you suffer by it.

Not so good: The scenes with Martridge and the intro are repetitive, each time you enter that screen, it is played over and over again. There is no 'leave' with the choice-command. The sword and spells you get for free, but, to obtain the 13.000 gold for the flamebow which is necessary to kill the end-boss (as is explained through conversation), you first have to kill the end-boss!! The hellfire spell looks like the fireball spell in the inventory.
There is only 1 savebot: after the end-boss, which is not the way it should be. Although you start with quite some strength and so on, you can't level up enough since the baddies (which are few) don't come back and the end-boss is quite strong. With one knight in a house you can talk, but when you touch him, you'll suffer damage. The same goes for the doors: they open with a blast and you'll loose healthpoints. Due to all the hardness-errors you get stuck everywhere: when entering the screen with the end-boss I got stuck somewhere and had a hard time figuring out how to free myself before getting killed. The conversation is hard to follow, colourcodes change, there is no real end.

Overall: Very, very buggy.

Fit for: If you want to get really annoyed by a game that keeps on crashing… give it a try!