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Lyna's Story

What is this strange world? Inside a shop
July 30th, 2009
Score : 9.5 exceptional
This is an alternative hero DMOD, where you get to play Lyna instead of Dink. King Daniel's 10 knights are missing, Dink is away somewhere, and the other knights are too chicken to go find out what happened. So Lyna takes matters into her own hands.

The Good:

The gameplay is very good. Instead of running around killing everything, there is a certain advantage to evasive maneuvers (esp. in the alternate world), which is a refreshing change from your usual hack-n-slash dmod, and very much in the character of Lyna being the heroine.

The map layout is also very good. The sense of discovery as the plot unfolds is great. The new graphics are excellent (winding paths and cliffs really make the place live up to its name of Sojourn Heights). You can also jump down cliffs, which adds variety to what you can do as you explore the map.

Special effects are also excellent (e.g., the destruction of the bridge, the stone giant smashing holes in the ground, the volcanic eruptions, the slimers being able to "burrow").

The story does take a turn for the weirder when you enter the alternate world. A clever palette change turns the map into a surrealistic setting, which essentially doubles the size of the map. Here, the maps are cleverly designed so that knowing certain features in either world may suggest places to explore in the other (even though there are differences between them). The modification of monsters in the alternate world (hyper-slimes, spitting boncas, and psychotic ducks) also adds to the scarier atmosphere. The use of DDCs to flip between the two worlds is a clever, funny reference to a certain encounter in the original Dink adventure.

You always have the option of leaving the game at any point without needing to complete everything. Your final score, of course, will not be perfect. This is a clever alternative to your usual rail-roaded quest.

The new weapons are also very cleverly done. Exploding shadow-nuts are a funny addition.

The Bad:

Some puzzles seem a little out-of-place; e.g. the 3 fruits puzzle seems to just be there for the sake of providing a barrier to progress, rather than something arising more naturally out of the setting (e.g., the inaccessible cave, need to find another way in).

The story is a little too open-ended, and it's not always clear what you need to do in order to get the perfect score (perhaps this is the point, though). The story is also not fully explained in the end, so the whole thing about Henry and the alternate world feels a bit arbitrary at the end.

It is also possible to do certain things in the "wrong" order. For example, you can meet Milder before completing what is obviously the intended prerequisite tasks; this seems to reveal too much too early in the game. It does appear to be an original loophole fixed by a later patch; the current version works, and is passable, but still leaves the feeling that something is out-of-place. Perhaps a better way to fix this issue is to have Milder not show up in the mountain top until all the necessary tasks are completed - if Lyna were to venture there too early, she could wonder, "Hmm, why is this place empty?" - then when Milder speaks to her afterwards, she can return there and get the full cut-scene in one go.

Other more minor ordering issues include killing a spike before talking to the merchant, and also the behaviour of the fountains related to this.


Having said all that, this is still an excellent dmod, and very highly recommended. The good outweighs the bad (most of which are really just nitpicks). So I give it a 9.5.
June 4th, 2005
Score : 9.3 exceptional
This is, of course, a great game. On the downside, it feels (to me) somewhat unfulfilling.

Style: 9
It's hard to say what's missing here. My first thought is that there aren't enough characters with who you can actually converse, but that shouldn't be important to this sort of action intensive game. Perhaps the problem is that Lyna's personality isn't sufficiently developed due to the size of the dmod (extremely small.) Personality is largely a reflection of personal history, and there's just no way to show that here.

Anyways, the graphics are beautiful (especially the little blue star effects), the music fine, and there's lots of wonderful Paul Pliska scripting.

Gameplay: 10
I rather disagree with Simon here. The game is pretty easy--until you try to kill something (in the shadow world.) The spitting boncas in particular proved troublesome, even with the bow upgrade. On the other hand, the new enemies are brilliant: disappearing slimes, exploding slimes, the aforementioned boncas. Good stuff.

The whole "laying knights to rest" thing was weird, but interesting. The gameplay dynamics of this game are simply different from anything else on the network... I think different is good here.

Story: 9
I sort of bought into the fact the Lyna would go out and rescue the knights... I guess...

Overall: 9.3
It's not that it's too short, just that it sets you up for more stuff than it contains. I thought that I'd have to do a lot to overcome the Dragon cult, but obviously that didn't happen.
December 6th, 2002
Score : 9.5 exceptional
Peasant He/Him United States
Destroying noobs since 1999. 
Not to be rudundant, but this is one of the 3 entries in the Alternative Hero contest, and for the short period of time it took to make this it sure came out with some great results.

Graphics: Besides the regular dink graphics, there were alot of modified graphics such as: the new tiles that are basically sweet paths leading up the cliffs, lyna's modified graphics (for weapons since no one but dink used weapons), and the the modified palette (which I will get into later.

Story: Simple story, the king wants someone to go up to some dangerous cliffs to see if his knights are truely dead, or just missing. During the story you will see some truely amazing effects (which will be covered in the next section). With the simple story this d-mod would have been boaring, but with the graphics and scripting, the d-mod gets almost as good as a epic.

Scripting: The best part of this d-mod, the scripting bring new and refreshing things to d-mod making and will amaze you. First thing I noticed is that there was no bugs, glitches, or things of that nature which is always a plus. Next thing I noticed is that if you step on a 'crack' in the cliffs you will fall to you death...nice effect! The third thing (which you can't miss) if that you can enter a 'shadow world' by talking to dead dragons. The shadow world is simular to the real world but everything is in a new palette and the coding for moving back and forth is flawless, and no bugs (which I expected there to be).

GamePlay: Now, most of the game play has been covered but one thing. There are several ending depending on what you do, and you can 'end' the game any time and get your results (which has never been done).

Overall: Great d-mod, and a must play.
September 24th, 2002
Score : 9.7 exceptional
Peasant She/Her
This D-mod is one of the three entries in the Dink Network Alternative Hero D-mod Contest 2002. The others are Cycles of Evil by Redink1 and Quest for the Golden Nut by James Perley.

Storyline: You play Lyna, Milder’s widow. Knights have been killed and since Dink is not available, and there are no volunteers for the job, Lyna decides to go herself, and she embarks on an journey to find out what has happened to them.

Map and Graphics: The map is outstanding. It seems like a whole different world with the winding roads and the cliffs and the entrances to the caves. I was truely surprised when I saw it.

Music: Fits the situation.

Good: The best thing about this D-mod is the fact that the hero is actually a heroine. I do not think there are other D-mods with a heroine - I never saw one at least, nor heard of any – and it is the best feature of this D-mod.
There are acutally two worlds in one: the normal world and the shadowworld. At first I did not even notice that I had entered a different world, until I was killed by a duck, and a few minutes later by nuts from a tree. The way Lina uses a weapon is very good. The scene with the knight inside the house is done really good, as is the scene on top of the hills. The sound effects for Lyna are well done. It may seem rather insignificant, but when you hear it you realise that sounds do make up a great deal of the gameplay.

Not so good: I was a bit lost at first and did not know what to do; some more hints could have been helpful.

Overall: A truly alternative hero D-mod.

Fit for: If you like playing alternative hero D-mods, this is a must download. If you do not like them, give it a try anyway!
September 23rd, 2002
Score : 9.0 exceptional
Peasant He/Him Belgium
Lyna's story was submitted as an entry for the alternative hero contest. It tells the story of Lyna, Milder's girlfriend, who's on a mission to find out what happened to 10 missing knights. Since Dink isn't around, she takes it upon herself to do good and find them all. At first Lyna's Story seems like an ordinary romp. Walk around, fight some enemies and find the knights. After a while however, you find that there's more to it. Next to the normal world, there's also a shadow world. During the game you get the opportunity to switch between these worlds to find the knights. Almost everything's different in the Shadow world. Ducks suddenly attack you, alktree nuts explode in your face. Pieces of slayers attack you, bonca's spit blood and so on. The palette also changes when entering the Shadow World, putting every graphic into negative image using the great palette swapping trick. There's a lot of secrets to find here too, including strange new items that grant you regeneration or a statboost and some new, powerful magic. As mentioned before, you're supposed to find all ten knights, but you can quit at any time by going back where you came from. A nice touch, but I don't think anyone wants to quit before completely finishing the d-mod. Although the size of the d-mod has been kept to a minimum, Paul has succeeded in presenting a very nice, original d-mod that stands high above some other romps that are sometimes even larger.
There was only one thing I didn't like and that's the lack of explanation about everything that happens. I can't elaborate about this, since it would spoil the story, but the reasons behind things happening are often left to your imagination.
Overall, I rate this d-mod 9.0, an exceptional score for an exceptional d-mod.
August 21st, 2013
Score : 9.6 exceptional
Peasant He/Him United States
Making Topics off-track faster then you can say it 
Plot: Lyna hears that knights sent on a mission have yet to return and since Dink isn't around she decides to take matters into her own hands and does quite well at it, though she does have to steal from the dead knights
Music: For me it fit the area quite well, I couldn't find anything better, unless we had Midis with lyrics...
Time: It took an hour or two, maybe three, but it was quite a worth while experience and I hope another one like it comes out.
Personal: It was a worth while experience and nice to play another great D-mod, I hope it becomes a trilogy or at least more like it.
Bugs: The only problem I found was sometimes when I loaded a file while in the shadow world, the colors went back to the normal world in parts, but it wasn't that bad and only happened sometimes.
Recommendation: For those who want a different hero that can still do great work like Dink, play this.
September 26th, 2009
Score : 9.6 exceptional
Peasant He/Him Sweden
Lyna's story.

Lyna have to save the world becouse Dink is away.
The story slowly builds up as you play and ends perfectly, suddenly everything makes sense.
The mapping with the 'two worlds' remind me of The legend of Zelda a Link to the past. The map is perfect, filled with new interesting graphics. Lynas bow graphics are easy to aim with, but would have looked better if she actually had a bow.
I really like the gameplay, mainly becouse of the interesting turns of the story and the fact that you can travel between the worlds to discover secrets. You didn't have to fight that much (wich i found rather fun after slaying tons of monsters and impossible bosses in other dmods.)
Sometimes you didn't know what to do, and i found myself looking at the walkthrough once or twice.

Anyway, this is one of the best dmods ever, if not the best. It's a bit hard sometimes but it's really fun to play. 9.6/10
May 16th, 2006
Score : 9.9 exceptional
Peasant He/Him Brazil
Some day I'll finish my mod... Some day... 
You´re Lyna(Milder´s widow) and 10 of the King´s knights have disapeared, the King send Dink to a search, but Dink is not avaliable and the knights who hadn´t disapeared won´t risk their life going to Soujorn Heights(where the knights disapeared), so Lyna goes there by herself.(9.8)

New "Dink":Lyna does a great heroin
(New pool: Who´s better Lyna or Lara Croft?), with her bow and inteligence she could save the world!(9.9)

Map and graphics:
The graphics are very good used, all the blocks have a big lot of spites and details, and all the blocks have a "Darklands Mode"(not exacly like Darklands),whit own monters, puzzles and others.(9.9)

Weapons, magics and Items:
Lyna uses only a bow, but with differts types of arrows( Triple and Magic arrows), you will find charms who can increase your defense and life, the magics are scrolls (one with "magic words" to summon a "god" called Alduin, to destroy the monstes on the screen).(9.9)

Bads: The start is very hard and you will find the "bow lore" at the "mid" of the game(-0.5)

Ending: Here is the part what I liked, you can end the game when you want, you need only go to the screen where you started and talk to the King.(9.9)

Extras for scripting (if you don´t watch your step, you can fall down the hills!). (+0.6)

Overall: Woo...What a surprise... 9.9.
September 24th, 2005
Score : 9.9 exceptional
Peasant He/Him Netherlands
Friendship is magic 
THIS GAME IS GREAT!! It's one of the best D-Mods ever. I didn't had so much fun for a long time. It's absolutly fantastic.

Graphics 10.0
music 10.0
map 10.0
story 10.0
plot 10.0

Everything works fine in this game! It's the best and smartest quest ever!
This game deserves a 10.0 but gets a 9.9 This is a must play D-Mod. DOWNLOAD IT NOW!! If you haven't yet.
February 21st, 2005
Score : 9.5 exceptional
Peasant They/Them
Probably one of the best Dmods ever. Reason I give it a 9.5 and not a 9.9 is because of a few typos and there's one place to get stuck in the game, I think. (near that place where you get your first bow) Other than that, an excellent Dmod.
July 5th, 2004
Score : 9.9 exceptional
Peasant He/Him United States
The world could always use more heroes 
Cool you get to play as a chick. *Slap.* A very good D-Mod with a excellent plot. One of the best D-Mods I've seen. The storyline is excellent, the map is extremely great, the graphics are the best I've seen ever, and the music is pretty good. The graphics include a shadow realm which is kind of like the telivision show Yu-Gi-Oh and it makes the story more interesting.

Storyline 10.0
Map 10.0
Graphics 15.0
Music 7.5
Plot 10.0

Overall is 12.5 but it only goes up to 9.9 This D-Mod is highly recommended to any dinker or people who like Lyna.
July 3rd, 2004
Score : 9.5 exceptional
Peasant He/Him United States
Wanderer of the Wasteland 
One of the best D-mods.

Excellent use of graphics, music, and new sounds. I especially love the unique story and character. The idea of the Nether Realm is executed exceptionally well (reminds you of A Link to the Past). Also, having a party member is so realistic.

OMG no bugs! Thats the first I've seen.

The Vault Dweller
February 24th, 2003
Score : 9.5 exceptional
Peasant He/Him
This would be one of the best D-Mods I've played.

The Story:
Sir Stanley and his men have disapeared, while investigating Sojourn Hights. Dink Smallwood is already on a quest. The King tells everyone to keep away and wait for Dink Smallwood to return, but Lyna decides to find out what happened to Sir Stanley and his men herself.

I did not find any bugs

Excellant music and story line.
Plenty of new graphics, weapons and items.

A bit diddicult for younger people.
Apart from that, nothing!
September 30th, 2002
Score : 9.4 exceptional
Peasant He/Him Australia
Lyna's Story is one of the cleverest DMODs I've played for a while. Clever use of graphics and map work to keep the DMOD small.

Now I see it's been classed as a romp, God knows why as this is definitely a Quest - both in subject matter and in length of play.

New graphics, a few from other DMODs with due credit given, new scripting that is extremely well done - the volcanoes, the palette changes...

Use of sounds is great, as are the midis, although most are from the original (once again a great way to keep the DMOD small).

Bonuses - a riddle, Milder's ghost, and a completely believable female main character.

Bugs: there were some bugs I found, but they were due to me saving without using a save machine - which is a no-no in this dmod. I guess cheaters never prosper. A small hardness bug in the shadow world.

Easy of play - very easy... I didn't die once. Found this detracted a little from the story, but not much.

Overall a nice Quest. Pleasant and with lots of extra goodies. 9.4 out of 10