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Lyna's Story

What genius built this bridge above a volcano? What is this strange world?
May 16th, 2006
Score : 9.9 exceptional
Peasant Male Brazil
Some day I'll finish my mod... Some day... 
Youīre Lyna(Milderīs widow) and 10 of the Kingīs knights have disapeared, the King send Dink to a search, but Dink is not avaliable and the knights who hadnīt disapeared wonīt risk their life going to Soujorn Heights(where the knights disapeared), so Lyna goes there by herself.(9.8)

New "Dink":Lyna does a great heroin
(New pool: Whoīs better Lyna or Lara Croft?), with her bow and inteligence she could save the world!(9.9)

Map and graphics:
The graphics are very good used, all the blocks have a big lot of spites and details, and all the blocks have a "Darklands Mode"(not exacly like Darklands),whit own monters, puzzles and others.(9.9)

Weapons, magics and Items:
Lyna uses only a bow, but with differts types of arrows( Triple and Magic arrows), you will find charms who can increase your defense and life, the magics are scrolls (one with "magic words" to summon a "god" called Alduin, to destroy the monstes on the screen).(9.9)

Bads: The start is very hard and you will find the "bow lore" at the "mid" of the game(-0.5)

Ending: Here is the part what I liked, you can end the game when you want, you need only go to the screen where you started and talk to the King.(9.9)

Extras for scripting (if you donīt watch your step, you can fall down the hills!). (+0.6)

Overall: Woo...What a surprise... 9.9.