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Kuhneghetz MP3 Pack

Made by: Daniel Ohlsson (aka Kuhneghetz)
Created with: Magix Musik Maker 2003

Here are some silly tunes I've made for people who want to make D-mods with mp3 (or other gaming stuffs).

I was gonna use some of them for a game I was planning on months ago, but meh, I ditched that plan and nothing happened. So I've put the best of them in this pack so that people can have some use of them.

All the songs were made by Magix Music Maker 2003 with the addition from the addon pack Magix Sound'n Video Pool. Magix Music Maker is a simple music composition software that lets you make perfect songs simply with a click. The software can also make music videos, if you wanna know that.

You are free to use them on D-Mods, other game mods and/or stand-alone game projects, as long as you GIVE ME CREDITS. I don't like people stealing other's works and pretend they made them.

Please DO NOT distribute or modify this resource without asking for permission.

It would be nice to tell me when you have released your D-Mod with some (or all) of my stuffs used, but that's optional.


How to use the mp3's in your DMOD?
-instructions copied from cypry-
First, copy them in the "sound" folder of your DMOD. Then, treat them as if they were MIDI files. Rename them as numbers if you want to attach them to screens, or just use the playmidi function in a script to play them. Remember that the filenames must be shorter than 14 chars, or you'll encounter a nasty bug. Also remember that redink1 won't let you release DMODs that contain MP3, so if you want to use these in your DMOD, I suggest you to use MIDI files, and give instructions to the player how to replace them with MP3s.
Released:September 9th, 2007
File Size:19.88 MB
Release Notes:Initial version.
January 15th, 2010
Score : 8.0 good
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This is an mp3 pack that should make life easier for anyone seeking to use mp3s in their dmods. The songs were designed for games, which shows in it being easy to find a setting to use them in. I could see myself using all of them if I were making a game with only mp3 music. On the downside, some of them are pretty mellow and uninteresting, and I would only pick them because they are mp3. Otherwise, I'd rather use a midi with a good melody. An exception is badass.mp3, which is awesome. I want to build a steampunkish technological dungeon just to use this puppy.

There are 7 songs in total, and a short jingle that's included in both mp3 and wav format. If you want to make an mp3 dmod, this is the first music pack you should download.