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2007-05-07 19:42:11
...that a new user register to a community and say hello.

Yeah! I'm new here, even though modding and forums are not old to me. I've made a few custom skins and levels to various games and made a lot of custom models for Warcraft III.
I've also made a few covers in chip-tune style (NES for the moment).

I've played Dink Smallwood since the shareware release (I haven't bought a CD version though). And when the freeware version was available, I didn't doubt about getting my hands on it. Dink Smallwood is still one of the great classic games.

I've also played some D-Mods and they've got some charms too.
I've once tried to make a D-Mod myself, but it sucked big time (have only followed the basic tutorial) and I was a teenager when I've made it.
But if I would contribute for the Dink community, it will mostly be custom models since I'm good at modelling (got my hands on 3DS Max 9).

A short bio of me:
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Mother language: Swedish
Secondary language: English
Other aka's: Dan van Ohllus, Potatissaelen.
Interests: Gaming, modding, music.

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