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Kill the Hippies

Apparently these are hippies. From the COTPATD project.
June 7th, 2003
Score : 3.0 tolerable
Those hippies aren't the only thing from hell..


This d-mod will make you throw up, then cough up bile. The hippies may be good graphics, but that doesn't save them from being too powerful, and too hard to kill. I found myself racing to the other end of the path, trying to avoid them, after trying unsuccesfully to fight them. When you use the dynamite you simply explode. This d-mod, having barely a plot, supports itself on gameplay. But, if the supports are cracked and old, chances are the buildings gonna fall.

SCORE: + 1


Kill the hippies from hell. Sounds funny, but that's it. No advancement, no nothing but, as the tile says, kill the hippies.

SCORE: + 1


It's average, but heard a lot of cursing in the begining. (;

SCORE: + 1


Don't even download if you're a hippy hater, no matter what, you won't really like it.