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I, Kara Gu

From the COTPATD project.
February 10th, 2007
Score : 8.0 good
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This dmod is definitely a refreshing change from the usual. It's highly action-oriented, and the gameplay is somewhat different than normal. You don't have weapons, only magic, magic resistances play a major role in the game, and boss fights require you to use different techniques to win.

Those fights are both the dmod's greatest strength and biggest weakness. While they're definitely fun, they seem to take ages simply because most of the bosses have a crapload of HP. The areas in between the fights, levels if you will, were also very easy in comparison since some of the bosses are extremely hard on the default difficulty level, normal. There is also an easy difficulty level, but I didn't like it since it didn't seem to do anything besides giving the heroine extra defence, making avoiding some of the early bosses needless because they couldn't damage her anyway.

The music, new graphics, and map were all done quite well. It was fun looking and reading papers scattered around, and there were many little sequences that took place, like riding a raft to get over a stream, beams of destruction coming from the sky, that sort of thing. The story wasn't anything spectacular, but better than the average dmod, anyhow.

There were 4 different endings, depending on what paths you decided to use. I'm not into that sort of thing (I'd just scrap the different areas together to make a longer dmod), but for those players that appreciate replayability and alternative scenarios a lot, it's a nice feature.