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I, Kara Gu

From the COTPATD project.
February 9th, 2007
Score : 9.7 exceptional
Peasant Male India
I, Kara Gu by Arik

This is the best alternative hero Dmod in my opinion. If not better, this certainly matches up to other alternative hero Dmods such as Lyna's story and Cycles of Evil. This module certainly is one of the best ever made. Hope Arik continues to release excellent Dmods such as this.

The story is quite good with a few twists and turns in the plot. I would say that this story is unique in its own way. I haven't really seen stories similar to this before, so even Dinker's like me who are bored of playing the same old 'Dink saving the world' Dmods are attracted to play this one in hope of finding something new . I can assure you, that you won't be disappointed after playing this module. So basically the main story as Arik says is that Kara, a young initiate has to take some important decisions that will shape her future. There are four endings, each achieved through a different path. Like the other guys who have reviewed this file before me, I too have only managed to see only two of the four endings. You'll have to play this Dmod again and again in order to really see what lies in each path you choose.

Now we are getting into something serious. Frankly, I would say that this module is incomparable when it comes to gameplay. A lot different from the usual style, there is no inventory. You get six magical attacks three fire ones, three of which are water. Magical attacks are casted using the Control key. Magic can also be casted even before the gauge is full. Though it won't be as strong as it would be when casted with a filled gauge one.
Kara hasn't got any physical attacks, she can only use magic. There is clever use of resistance against elements. For example, if you are wearing a costume of the fire element, you will be immune to any fire attacks . Same goes for the blue costume.

I wouldn't go into further details as it would spoil any player's fun as this module contains so many new ideas implemented beautifully. I think the real reason is that, I myself after hours of playing haven't been able to really cover each aspect of the gameplay. So you can imagine what lies in this Dmod for you.

Its really inexplicable that such a great Dmod, miles away from other ones has been made with the same old boring graphics. Arik really has given life to them, using them in a completely different manner in which no Dmod author has ever done before. I'm not saying that you will not find new graphics, this Dmod has plenty of them but the beauty of the way in which the graphics from the original Dink have been used overshadows the fact that there really are some skillfully crafted new graphics!

The map is also as beautiful as it can get. Not exactly decorated with lots of scenery which I adore so much, this map is perfect for the kind of environment that the author is trying to develop to keep the player stuck to his computer.

There are few new sounds and midis. I haven't played may other Dmod's so I am not quite sure whether they are brand new or taken from other modules. Well, it doesn't matter as they fit with the environment exactly. I haven't got much to say in this column so let's say that sounds and midis are perfect and there is no cause for concern here.

Ending words:
So this covers most of what is there in this Dmod. In few words it is astounding, will blow you away, full of surprises and a must play for any Dinker. If you are looking for something new, something which is bug less , interesting and enchanting, this is the thing!