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Hardened Manly Fingernails MIDI Album

So, here is the greatest MIDI pack ever. You know why? Because these MIDIs aren't stolen from the Internet, or anywhere else, these MIDIs are all specifically made with Dink Smallwood in mind. Most of them were designed for 'fight scene'/'screenlock' music, but I'm sure you could find a use for all of them somewhere in your D-Mod.

Don't forget to listen to all of them and read the readme.txt for important info!

*Best Non D-Mod File of Q1 2011*
Released:January 13th, 2011
File Size:44.50 KB
Release Notes:Initial version.
March 20th, 2013
Score : 9.3 exceptional
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These are all midis made by DinkDude95 himself, and I gotta say, I'm really impressed. I've tried my hand at making music a few times, but I never got anywhere close to this level.

They're all really hyper and energetic tracks. It really gets you pumped up. It'll almost make you wish for a longer boss fight .

Seriously though, if you need boss fight/screenlock music. This is definitely where to get it. You won't be disappointed in the slightest.

There are then tracks in this pack. Although this is more like an album of awesome than a pack.

I think my favorite song in this was Octostrut. It had this vibe to it that I just couldn't help but feel all over me.

I recommend this to all of you.