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Fairy Goodness Online

January 12th, 2004
Score : 7.0 good
Peasant Male Australia
A DMOD with multiplayer capabilities.

I havent' been able to test the multiplayer stuff, but the other stuff is worth commenting on.

This is version 2.00 which has been updated.

You have one map which is a square island (or that's as far as I got) and you fight monsters by "throwing" fairy goodness (i.e. pig feed graphics) at them, which destroys them completely. You have to kill all the monsters of the level and stay alive.

I didn't see any health potions or hearts, but I didn't bother to check my inventory...

I played the first two levels, but got bored. It seems when you approach the kill count needed to advance to the next level lots of monsters appear. If you stay out of their reach they end up attacking each other, and usually killing each other, so you get credit for that. This I found a detraction, as a mass of them would appear and within seconds, without me doing anything, I had finished the level.

Overall I give this 7 out of 10, it would normally have been 6 but the bonus of multiplayer deserves an extra point.

I think it could of had better planning of spawning monsters - especially the multiple monsters. Using corners of the map, and the centre - with a selection of pre-defined patterns perhaps...

Play it if you are curious, bored, or like mindless mayhem