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August 5th, 2006
Score : 7.0 good
Peasant She/Her Canada
I liked this little romp.I was going 'RAWR RAWR' the
whole time I was playing.It was so awesome to be big and strong and
even though there was nothing to buy with all my gold, I still liked
getting all of it.Mine, all mine!! *cough*
Anyways, I loved smashing the enemies and the houses.I don't get what
the deal with the giant pig was though.I was surprised even more later
on when I saw pillbugs bigger than dink since he was supposed to be
giant already.And who was that end boss, anyways? I guess I don't remember
'Godzilla' all that well.
No music, same old graphics(with size changes), not much of a story
just a lot of smashing and killing.I still enjoyed playing it.
Not too bad for someone's first dmod.Not too bad at all