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Early in the game
August 28th, 2003
Beta 2
Score : 7.0 good
Peasant Male Australia
And adaption of Dink to Warcraft.

Many new graphics from the main character to enemies and allies, ships, houses, tiles, status bar.

Yet this is not a total conversion. You go inside some rooms and it's the standard Dink Smallwood walls and floor, which looks strange with the tiny sprites from Warcraft. The engine seems to handle these fairly well, but things like the sheep look like they are skating.

Music - suits the piece.

Sounds: these didn't work for me. It seemed a mixture of the warcraft sounds (I'm guessing here as I've not played warcraft) and the original monsters (this is for the orcs)

Map: the size of the map is big, and the exterior is decorated with the small warcraft tiles mainly (or so it seems). As everything is a smaller scale when outside I feel more distant from what is happening. More like the puppet master pulling the strings.

Gameplay: Lots of screens of just walking/running with orcs on them to fight which got boring. The opening quests weren't very exciting. Going to tell someone's son that the tower he is guarding no longer needs to be guard isn't very thrilling. There are mages, kings, elfs, peasants (graphics for these all working fine) but seemed to be under utilised.

It got boring pretty quickly.

Overall 7 out of 10

October 6th, 2002
Beta 2
Score : 8.5 good
Peasant Female
This D-mod is a combination of WarCraft II and an RPG.

There is a WarCraft like history in this D-mod: Medivh once sought absolute power, but the nation of Azeroth stood in his way. So he asked the orcs to help them. Orcish armies invaded Azeroth and destroyed it. Soldiers from Azeroth killed Medivh and, in order to stop the orcish revenge that would soon follow; an Alliance was formed, consisting of elves, dwarves and humans. After the war was over, the humans travelled north.
And it is from these Northern Lands that a new threat arises.

Storyline: You play Danath from the Alliance. You have to go to the Northern Lands to find a way to stop Alterac, the new human nation.

Map and graphics: Almost everything is from WarCraft II. The mapping is done nicely, but the map is a too large and too empty to keep it interesting.

Music: Outstanding, as the music from WarCraft is.

Good: A WarCraft RPG is a very good idea. In the original WarCraft there is not much of a story, let alone interaction, so this is somewhat the best of both worlds. The sprites actually talk to you – well, in WarCraft style anyway. You can hire a mercenary so you have an aid while fighting.

Not so good: There are some bugs, for example: when entering a house I was warped back to the intro scene.
Although you start with reasonably high lifemax, there are so many enemies, that it is hard to stay alive. You can not dodge the enemies at certain points since the paths are small. The enemies range is quite big so you suffer damage when you are not even close.
I could hire dozens of mercenaries, as many as I wanted in fact, and I do not think it was meant to be that way. The mercenaries start fighting immediately, which proves their guts, but since they attack everything, it gets rather messy. They also attack each other, which is rather dumb, and also Danath, which is annoying because you have to be very careful where you walk. And they’re so busy fighting each other, that they ignore the real enemies. And when they finally do attack the enemy – or at least the mercenary that has won from his fellow mercenaries – it is not that much of a help since they are not very strong. But, it is quite funny to see them fighting amongst themselves, so that is the good part of it.

Overall: A very good effort to make WarCraft into an RPG.

Fit for: If you can not decide whether to play WarCraft or Dink because you like them both, this is a good choice.
April 7th, 2002
Beta 2
Score : 7.9 good
I found dmod to be O.K. but there are some bugs.

The Good Side - Great map design and new gfx. But there are a lot, A LOT, hardness errors. Like: walking into towers and castles. The Music seems alright.

The Down Side - A lot of bugs and hardness errors, and its just a demo.

I would give it a 8.4 but with the down side: 7.9