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Good question. From the COTPATD project.
March 11th, 2004
Score : 0.1 horrible
Peasant Female
My jaw dropped when I played this D-mod. Because I really could not believe that anyone would actually release such a D-mod…

Storyline: None. Well, there actually is a girl that tells you she is looking for flowers and that she has never heard of 'Adventure forest' and there is a church in which Dink says that no one is there. And you start on a screen where Dink wonders what he is doing there. Well, do not worry, because you will be wondering the exact same thing very shortly after Dink has said his sentence: what am I doing on this graveyard and why do I even bother trying to play this game? You can not even get off the first two screens! I checked the editor but there are no adjoining screens, no warps and the scripts that are on the screen do not work or do not have the option to get you out of the graveyard. And therefore you are stuck. And you would have had no option then to quit the game since the scripts are .d files, were it not for the fact that the author released this D-mod with a saved game. And that is the only way to get out of the graveyard! How original!

Map and graphics: The map is huge, since there is no adventure to play. When you are walking in nice surroundings and looking at beautiful scenery it is already extremely boring if nothing happens, let alone if you are faced with an empty map. There are mostly no borders. Sometimes a fence is put up, but that does not act as a border since you can walk behind it. One part of the map stroke me especially as a perfect example of stupidity, namely a part of the beach: on the right side is the shore, on the left side is sand. So you assume that you can walk to the next screen, but you can not since there is no adjoining screen, as I discovered when I checked the map in the editor. And this part of the beach is six screens long. And almost empty.
But there is lots more of that kind of mapping! In fact, the whole map is made up of empty or almost empty screens. Sometimes a few sprites are placed on screen, but mostly it is really dreadful to look at. I guess the goal is to defeat a rather ugly looking end boss and in order to get there you have to kill several other monsters. I guess the author's idea of having a splendid time is to just have endless screenlocked screens with monsters after one another without having the opportunity to save, heal or level up by hearts or potions. You will never succeed in getting to the end boss without cheating – and if you do give that a try you will die of boredom.

Music: There are a couple of midi's that are not that bad.

Good: ?

Not so good: Even with a map and sprites you still do not have a D-mod and certainly not an adventure, let alone a good one. The other thing you need is a story, preferably a good one, but at least A story. But there is no story in this D-mod. There is not even much conversation. Dink in the graveyard says: "What am I doing here?" and in the church he says: "There is no one here." You can ask the girl what she is doing and she will answer: "Collecting flowers." You can also ask her about 'Adventure forest' and she will answer: "Never heard of." And that is all you will get as far as storyline and/or plot goes in this D-mod. There is no more conversation.

Overall: Even though it is the first D-mod of this author, I can not help but wonder why, o why, do people release such horrible D-mods? Do they not see themselves how horrid it is? I sincerely do hope that this author never releases anything again, unless of course he can make a decent D-mod.

Fit for: No one.
January 26th, 2005
Score : 3.4 tolerable
Peasant Male Sweden

A simple "fighting and finding treasures" DMOD with a funny looking end boss. There are few things/people to talk to/examine, but no puzzles to solve. There is no story really, no intro so you do not know whats going on, or what you are should do.

The boomerang weapon, the cemetery graphics, and the end boss. The start screen was nice too.

There are no visible borders. I got stuck when I walked into a screen with screenlock and all the

monsters where on the other side of a fence so I couldn't kill them. The end was dissappointing, he should had said something, at least.

Despite the bad aspects of the game I still wanted to finish and get to the end when I was playing it, so I guess it was quite ok compared to other romps.

March 1st, 2004
Score : 6.0 fair
Peasant Female Canada
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Dinkaventure by MTG

Pros: Boomerang is back. Lots of save boots and a small variety of monsters to kill. Nice midi’s playing in the background.

Con’s: Some hardness errors, walked over trees and into water, walked too far on one screen and ended up in a “locked” screen where I was unable to move. Other characters in the dmod had nothing to say or nothing important to say. Made lots of money, but was unable to buy anything. Only one magic and 1 weapon available. The end was abit tough, but I prevailed.

Overall: For a first time dmod it wasn’t to bad, hopefully the author will be making better and bigger dmods, in the near future.