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Cycles of Evil

Note to self: farming in the middle of winter isn't a good idea.
January 14th, 2007
Score : 8.9 good
This is a good d-mod for if you want a quick, fun and fast game. This is my first reveiw (i know its a bit too late!) but i was testing out all d-mods, even bad ones since 2004, going over all aspects of the game.

I liked the whole seasons thing with the snow and fresh leaves, etc. everything in the time line was well placed, so nothing changed over the course of game.

I made this review as short as possible cause i need to get back to the d-mods, and the d-mod that im making. So i give this game an 8.9,(i deducted points for the weirdo bonca boy in the story) and I reccomend it for all smallwood fans out there.