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The Right Spell for Dink, but Wrong Spell for the Wizard
June 4th, 2009
Score : 8.8 good
Peasant He/Him bloop

This was a really enjoyable D-Mod. I didn't expect much, because it was Madstalkers first D-Mod (no offence). But I was wrong; it was the opposite - really good!

It begins a little mediocre; Dink is sent to a distant land to help his grandmother with some duties, like feeding the pigs and gather firewood etc. However all the chores are very well done and there's lot of surprises along the way such as small and cleaver encounters.

The game is set up on a small wintery island so the area isn't too big, I'd appreciated this because it made it easier to find everything (like firewood, stones, pigs and further on...). The plot is quite simple, as usual there's an evil gnome that must be stopped. I didn't mind that though, because Madstalker used it well and it worked out very nice actually. The game has some humour and you'll find yourself chuckling at some points. The environment is very well done; it has a certain atmosphere that I liked. The scripting is above average, you should expect a lot of cool stuff!

Some music were good, I liked the music in the cave and the music in the second town. Some music was annoying...

Onward to The bad part then. I thought the NPCs were uninteresting and they didn't fill any special part of the game. The dialogue wasn't the best, but then again it wasn't bad either. There weren’t any new enemies but the old ones were used nicely.
The exploring could have been better, many houses were locked (for good) and the area might have been a little too small...

I don't know what more to say really... Download it yourself and decide! I liked it very much (played it twice to see the ending special I missed the first time). It's not excellent but it isn't far from it either! I hope Madstalker will make more D-Mods because I'll look forward to it!

Score: 8.8