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February 12th, 2010
Score : 5.0 fair
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Sparrowhawk's classic mini-game where you smash pill bugs with a mallet. I'll probably be the first to say, I didn't like this game. So, I'll start reviewing to tell why.
Nothing. I guess Dink just decided to transform into a floaing mallet and smash insects.
I didn't seem to hear any music, and the sounds were very bland. I couldn't find smashing stuff very enjoyable without good sound to match.
Mapping and Scripting
The mapping: Colourful and pleasing to look at. The style of the visuals was very nice, and the modified pill bugs were more like beetles. The mapping, is actually very empty, but when you have lots of corpses, the maps look way better, with the green slime that fills the corpses of the dead pillbugs, and the red blood of other animals seems to fit.
The Scripting: everything worked perfectly. What I really didn't like was that in this game,(I only played level 1, but I imagine every other level is the same), is that if you miss a target, you lose a hit. this makes it hard to make the time it gives you, which is really small. Near the end of a level, the time speeds up, so naturally you are going to speed up your bug mashing, which will up the chance of you missing by at least 50%. This is why I never got past level one.
Overall and Final Comments
So, overall, this is a very frustrating and boring game, but the maps and scripting were very nicely done, and make the game worth playing at least one time.