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Between the Shadows

January 27th, 2002
Score : 8.4 good
You would be shocked by this dmod and never realize that it's under Dink engine. Great graphics. Excellent sound.

It's huge though. The title music is a 5.262 MB wav. It would take up 31.5 MB of your HD for this intro! And it's a 8.63 MB download from 3ddownload.

The shortcoming of this intro is that you can't really get clear ideas about how this game will be. Is it going to have a completely different gameplay? You might have some tiny ideas about the game story, but then again you don't know anything about it after the intro ends.

Even though the size of this intro might scare you off, it is still worth your effort to go through 3ddownload to get a peak of this excellent short film.