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Autumn Tiles

Autumn Water Tile
June 9th, 2002
Score : 6.8 fair
Peasant Male
Hmmmm..... Desert Tiles, no wait, ahh Autumn tiles. I can remember reviewing them when they were called Desert tiles and deleted them from my hard drive, however I then re-downloaded them under the name of autumn tiles and thought that they have been well done. Why? For the look of autumn tiles yes, for Desert no. But here's what I think


I think that now being autumn tiles is a much better description of this tile set. You need not worry about having desert tiles as plenty have now been released. I think that these tiles can not only be used as autmun tiles, but some sort of mud/wasteland. I give it some high points for this. Being able to use it in many different ways is very good. I think that maybe, although I'm not always right. Maybe it could have been improved to look more like wasteland by putting in some leaves. Anyway, for the strengths I think that Autumn tiles has been very well put together, and if you want that muddy effect, this is the download you want.


However, on a negative side I think that the tiles should still looka bit more like Autumn. I feel that there should be small leaves on the ground, and not just mud. When have you gone down the park at autumn and seen a park of mud?! You don't, you see leaves everywhere, big piles of them. You also see the trees bare, with nothing on. James Perleys tiles do not represent this. I think that the mud next to water effect was good, only if the ground was to be used in a muddy effect, the water shouldn't be so clean, and if it is to be used as autumn tiles, the water should have leaves floating in it. These are some of the many features that could have improved this tile set, and although the strengths were good, I think the weaknesses let the score down.


I think that the improvement for the type of tile set, is very well done, but looking at its bad points makes the autumn tile set, still look like muddy wasteland.

Total 6.8
Grade C

End comment "Want wasteland? Then download this"