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Autumn Tiles

Autumn Water Tile
Tiles that resemble autumn (brown grass, etc).
Released:January 1st, 1990
File Size:439.84 KB
Release Notes:v1.00
July 12th, 2002
Score : 8.0 good
This is one of the oldest tile sets available in Dink network. There are 6 tile screens in this file and 5 of them have the same claylike tune of color. Most of them were directly modified from the original Dink's tiles, so basically you don't need to worry about tile hardness problem.

This file was originally called desert tile, and after another two desert tile files came out; the author clarified that this file was never meant to be for desert. It was some historical reason that it has been called desert tile ever since it was released. Since the author said when he made those tiles he wanted it to have some feeling of an autumn, this file was then renamed to Autumn tile. (Note: in original Dink's tile sets, you only have evergreen or snow for usual outdoor environment.)

Even though this tile set is closer to an autumn theme than a desert scene, I still do not think it resemble autumn well. The land does not look like a ground of autumn, nor a muddy surface (The original Ts17 looks more like a mud.). It does look more like a claylike wasteland or a place on the other planet.

So basically I am not going to review this file based on its name.

I do not know how the author made those tiles. According to the standard of my method (changing the hue of the whole tile and replacing part of the picture with the original one), this author did an excellent job. (The author might use other much more advanced method such as change all the color of one specific palette index with another one, so for example only greenish color would be changed into brownish color.) Anyway, you can hardly find any glitches left on the adjacent parts where new color meets the old one. I did find something that might be argueable. I don't know if the author left them on purpose. One is in Ts19, you can see quite a lot of green shadows on the boundary between the water and land. It appears to be the original part in the original Ts08. You can argue that they indicate that some moss or algae exists near the water, but it does look a little weird. The other thing is you can see a few isolated red/orange dots in the trees in Ts21. Apparently those dots were bright light green in the original Ts01. They look like Christmas tree lightings to me.

One biggest mistake here is the tile numbers chosen for those tiles. The author thought if you don't want to use any of the fire tiles (ts19 to ts23) it would be safe to replace them all. Wrong! In Dink, all tiles in ts19 would show a continuous slide from ts19 to ts23. So if you do use the numbers that this author gave, you would have very strange screen each time you use ay tile in ts19.

Overall, this is a high quality set of tiles, although it did not resemble autumn very well. If you like to use them in your dmod, make sure you find other tile set that you don't want to use. (If you never want to use any tile in ts19, then it is safe to use ts20 thru ts23. Otherwise, find some other numbers.)

I originally might give this file an 8.5, but considering the obvious mistake for choosing the tile number and some small defects that I mentioned earlier, I could give it an 8.0 instead.