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An Aeophian Adventure: Dink goes to Aeophia

From the COTPATD project. Dink arrives into the town.
February 3rd, 2019
Score : 3.5 tolerable
Peasant Male bloop
I'm here, just hidden in the shadows. 
In this D-Mod Dink visits a village. The main point of the plot is that a priestess sends Dink a letter because her sister is missing. You can get over the main plot in a copule of minutes. There are a few sidequests but they are not rewarding. You can choose to run a tavern to earn money, but you can't lose money and there's no point to use the money you earned. The mapping is okay I guess but there are a few hardness errors. I can't really recommend this to anyone, unless you seek a very short D-Mod.