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16 Best Midi

June 11th, 2006
Score : 4.3 tolerable
Peasant Male United States xbox steam
The world could always use more heroes 
16 Best Midi by Timo Jyrisoo.
A collection of 16 Midis. They are not the "best" nor are they really that good. Some were taken frome the 374 midi pack, and some were taken from elsewhere. Some were also taken from D-Mods. Not good, some are usable if in a perfect situation, but otherwise junk.

Not worth it at all.
December 5th, 2004
Score : 0.2 horrible
Peasant Male Norway steam
GlennGlenn doesn't want a custom title. 
This should be the 16 best midis, but the aren`t actually best or they arent actually good at all. All of them are existing midis. Some of them are taken from james perlys 374 midis pack.
August 26th, 2003
Score : 1.0 horrible
Peasant Male Australia
This pack is pretty much not worth the download. As mentioned the 374 pack has the midis and they have been used in other DMODs before this pack was released.

If the pack included a summary of what each track may be useful for it would be better but the description of the tracks supplied by the guy who zipped these together is up above and speaks for itself.

Don't bother.

1 out 10
November 8th, 2002
Score : 5.0 fair
Peasant Female
This file seems a bit outdated: only 16 midiís and none of them original. And some are so well known, that you can not even use them in a D-mod. Though there are nice ones, such as nr. 6 Doplerone, this file is not that much of a help when you want some midiís for your D-mod. It is better to download any of the other midi packs available.
May 15th, 2002
Score : 8.9 good
Peasant Male
I do not agree with Phoenix, I found the MIDI'S greatly improve my D-MODS, as long as they have a RAD title screen then I put on Eric Clapton, LEYLA, it's just brilliant. I then use the Neverending story track on some of my boring travelling parts. And you can easily put the X-File track into a short introduction. Everything else can be fitted into somewhere! I used one of them (can't remember which one) edited it so it had gunshots in the background, and used it in my school D-DAY presentation. There you are Jamie A*!
May 3rd, 2002
Score : 0.3 horrible
Peasant Male Norway steam
Back from the ashes 
None of these midis are new, and they are also few... I already had all of these in different DMODs I've downloaded, and if not there, they are either in the 374 midi pack, or at a public domain. These kind of packs are useless in my opinion.
February 19th, 2002
Score : 3.3 tolerable
Peasant Male Belgium
It's a midi pack. It has only 16 midis. Some good, some not so good. That's not what bothers me. The thing that bothers me about this kind of pack is that there are actually a lot of already used midis in there. I mean, isn't a midi pack supposed to contain NEW midis that can be used by authors to put in a d-mod? Oh, and "I don't remember where I heard it" is not an explanation.
The point is that if you want to tell people what midis you like best, create a simple website and put it in a favorite song list.