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2003-01-11 14:45:17
Peasant They/Them
: I've read the message of IvanMZ, and asked DethLord what that FPS was about. Now I know it's frames per second, but I still don't have a clue how that can screw up colours.

: So some questions...


2. Why is true colour 'wrong' in a D-mod?


I have read that Dukie, in an interview with Seth,

asked him to do a modification to the Dink Engine,

to include bitmaps in True Color. Originally,

the Dink Engine was not designed to include

True Color bitmaps [so all of this is Dukie's fault ].


5. What's the difference between true colour

and the Dink Palette?


True Color images can have 16.000.000 colors and need 3 times more memory.

The Dink Palette are 256 colors specially choosen to do fast drawing

with little difference in the quality of images.


6. Do many graphics on the same screen have

something to do with FPS?


With the "frames per second" of the screen, in

other words, "refresh rate".

By example, a tree in Dink Smallwood is static,

it is not an animation, so it do not have FPS,

but it is drawn 60 times in a second: 60 Hz.

A duck walking is an animation, maybe 15 FPS.

Each frame is drawn 4 times in a second (60รท15=4),

so the entire animation has 60 Hz.

The water magic of Dink. We will suppose it has

20 FPS, then every frame is drawn

3 times in a second: 3 Hz, 60 Hz the entire animation.

An animation of only 1 FPS is drawn 60 times in a second,

60 Hz.

A tree: 0 FPS, 60 Hz.

A duck: 15 FPS, 4 Hz every frame (60 Hz entire animation).

Water magic: 20 FPS, 3 Hz every frame (60 Hz entire animation).

An animation: 1 FPS, 60 Hz every frame.

If there are much sprites, it takes much

time to the processor to finish all calculations, and

if it is incapable of draw 60 times in a second, then

it skips every certain time (50 Hz, 40 Hz, 28 Hz, etc.).


8. Is there a difference in performance

of a computer, of FPS, and of the DinkEngine

when placing sprites on screen by using the

editor or by using a script

to place sprites on screen?


I think that read the binary values directly

from the "DAT" file is faster than recognize

the text in a "C" file.


11. DethLord said the Dink Engine is capped

around 60-70 FPS. So more FPS's is good?

Or is the 28 FPS IvanMZ mentioned good?

What IS good? I'd say more FPS is good,

but IvanMZ says less FPS is good - well,

compared to 60-70 FPS...


Oh, not FPS, Hz. DethLord was indicating the

"animation of the screen".

60 Hz is the correct refresh rate. If it is

less, then it is less good.


12. If I have a new graphic (from one or the other source)

what do I have to do to make sure that it

doesn't overload the Dink Engine - the FPS and colour part?


If possible, not much big (like 640x480 pixels)

and with 256 colors and one common palette,

of course.


13. Is this a problem that only occurs on fast comps?

I didn't encounter any colour problem when playing

my D-mod (Dink Smallwood's Christmas, that is) and

neither did SabreTrout. I don't know the specs of

his comp, but mine is real old (300, 32MB, 4 MB videocard.)


Your computer is perfect to play Dink.

it is old, but it does not mean it is useless.

Maybe with new versions of Windows (98, 2000, etc)

in fast computers,

Dink runs bad. And Dink is not the only.


14. Any other things I should now on this subject?


I think not.

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