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2019-07-27 13:14:40
Hello everyone!

I also enjoyed playing Dink as a child way back in 2000 and was really fascinated by it. Only recently I found the long lost CD and was wondering which version it could be.

I had received the CD-ROM as part of a promotional bundled game pack of 15 games along with my desktop computer (Compaq Presario 5000). All the CDs were provided in a single carton casing.

Here's a frontal snap of the CD:

The disc contains all the original intros (in AVI format) which are playable on Windows 7, however I've been unsuccessful in getting the game started.

What I am unable to determine is whether this is the first version of the game, the rarest one, because I read somewhere Seth clarifying on the fact that the first burn had a few music tracks credited to Shaurri Whyte on the back of the CD.

I also noted that the README file stated the date as Apr 21st, 1998. Here's the entire file for scrutiny:

Is there any way to confirm which version it is?