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2003-06-05 13:35:52
Yes. Yes I do.

I just thought my own person forum needed some attention.

Maybe I'll just start posting my progess up here or something.

So here's what happened the other day:

I was watching seinfeld (i've downloaded them all, and i'm watching them in order, just finished season 5) and it was like.. 6 AM or so, and I felt I should sleep a bit. Couldn't, so I randomly decided to dink (i hadn't in many many months) but as you'll see from my post about the minimum &magic_cost, it wasn't working at the time. So I spent like 4 hours making my neat little intro that runs after the loading and splash.bmp. It's really good, tho, well worth it.

That's my progress report.

Oh and I fixed the magic error thingy, so it actually runs now, currently trying to perfect the bloody earth spike spell... I may end up sending the whole spell with graphics and all to someone to see if they can think of a good way of doing it...

Then I'll work on finishing up my other spells...

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