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2007-05-26 13:24:18
Really, Redink1, this is wrong! There are some funny happenings, that could see we are the same persons. Maybe, because I am skull's father. But, you can't bann people if they've got ALMOUST the same IP address. That makes sense... for YOU maybe!! But, your things are sometimes nonsense! I don't mean anything bad. You're just trying to do right things, but they can be wrong. Everybody mistakes sometimes. But, really, think about it. They're all kids, well skull is 18, but... that's no matter. So, yeah, they're all kids who made a mistake first time they created their accounts. Yes, I know there is a mark that says 'You can only create one account'. Or something like it. But, maybe they didn't notice it. Maybe, their IPs are almoust same because we live near. Like, I live near skull, (he has moved already.) we've got Windows XP. All his friends' got also.

I must say, that I don't force you into deleting those accounts. But, could you think clear? (Skull explained the e-mail thing before.) I'm just protecting these few chilren. It's their dream to be in TDN, so why to delete their accounts? They made a mistake once, and that's it! You can't delete their accounts, just for silly doubts.

And DinkDude95, not funny at all! Maybe you were joking, but think about others! So, I hope you'll make the right choise, and let them enjoy being in TDN. They are even making D-mods for you, and they have school, hard work for D-modding, then when they finally tries to release them, their accounts have deleted. Is it so fun?

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