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2007-05-27 01:22:43
Uh... where did you all get your head that skull was born on 1995? He meant his friend!

And maybe skull's got a little writing style that I've got because I am his father. (He's just much more better than I in english.)
DinkDude95, yep! You may be quite right in the IP address thiny. That's why I said *Maybe*. I'm not such an IP master. Skull's got already a job. He's driving tax. Suddenly, his arm was broken. (Fixed already.) But, he must watch out a little, still. So, he doesn't have to go to work yet. So, he's much in TDN. It's maybe not his dream, but it's those other kids'. And why not? I've seen many people who are even with 20 year old people, and are theirself 10-13 years old.

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