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I've been playing Dink Smallwood (And D-Mods) for quite some time. But as of now I haven't created any D-Mods, and would like to learn how. I have long brown hair(16 inches approximately). I have blue eyes and I am about 5 ft tall. Since school is out, I spend most of my day playing video games and watching T.V. I love art... I draw comics, and hope that some day they will be published.
My Favorites:
Color - Blue
Food - Tacos
Fruit - Pineapple
Snack - Ice Cream
Game series - The Legend of Zelda
Band - Linkin Park
Movie - Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas
Resturant - (Fast food) Krystal's
If you're still reading this. Congratulations. You win a cookie. A magic cookie. That will give the ability to... Convert Oxegen into CarbonDioxide.

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2006-07-19 14:27:37