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Dinking around since 2009..... 
5/19/2017 Oh Jeez! Well I apparently haven't been on in 7 years. Not gonna lie, don't really remember anyone but I'll see if going through my posts can help with that.

Well I was in college. Did fine and all but honestly felt like it wasn't helping me progress in my life. I had a severe illness I ended up having emergency surgery for in Nov. 2010. Definitely a life adjustment but I'm alright now.

Haven't been Dinking around at all I'm afraid >_< The last couple years I got into board gaming and tabletop rpgs. I also babysit somewhat regularly for a longtime friend. Not currently doing the gaming but have other life adjustments going on.

Currently single and have chosen to be for quite some time...though I have someone I sometimes go out to dinner with and other social things.

I like Asian food including sushi (yum!). I like going to Applebee's for their wanton tacos.

I got into watching daytime court shows and love to see self centered people get put in their place. Also learning a lot about the law. I also like HGTV.

I like to 'window shop' online a lot. Plan on getting a new metal bed frame soon (actual nice frame, not the cheap thing the foundation sits on). I like metal and modern looking things.

I listen to a lot of Pandora Radio. Been into Adult Contemporary (like Andy Grammer). But I also mix it up with pop/jpop , alt, 80's and dance/club stuff.

I write poetry though I haven't been very inspired in a while, and the last few I don't feel were very good. The one I'm working on now has taken me several days, which is very unusual for me. I typically write in one sitting because I want the words to just flow naturally. If I have to think too hard I feel it's not as authentic. However that's what's happening now and I'm going with it because I want to get into writing again.

When I'm distracted or rushed I tend to make more typos. This happens often when I'm babysitting.

When I'm tired I do strange write a huge biography on a site I haven't been on in years and may continue to not regularly visit.

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2010-03-05 02:24:29
Peasant Female United States steam
Dinking around since 2009..... 
Wow, quite a few horror stories.

Um, I sort of (unintentionaly) injured someone. Back in elementary school, at recess I ran over to my friend who for some reason ran from me. I must have been like 8 or 9, I didn't have alot of friends. I don't know if he was screwing around or mad at me or what, so I ran after him to talk. Poor kid ran straight into the support pole for the slide. He had to get a few stitches on his forehead/ above his brow I think it was. I always felt bad for that, and still don't know why, (or don't remember) why he didn't want to play with me.

...I also kneed my boyfriend in the groin trying to jump into his arms...but that's kind of his fault for suggesting it. (We were walking in the woods and were on different ground levels walking down a slope.)

Edit- Man, Skull I'm sorry you went through that. My bf's grandfather lost (I think it was) 2 fingers on his right hand while doing his woodworking hobby. He still made stuff though, which I thought was great since he loves it, but I think it made it much more difficult to paint some of his creations. I hope your still able to do things you enjoy.

MsDink- It's cool that you're brother can joke with you about the accident, wanting to sell your teeth and such.