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Zeddexx's homemade MIDI's

July 9th, 2011
Score : 6.9 fair
Peasant He/Him United States
Love! True love! 
While the majority of the files actually sounded good, there were other things about them that rendered them, in my honest opinion, unusable in most cases.

Let's break it down.

1. Fall Asleep in the Rain
zeddexx says: "The first Midi i ever made! YAY! This is for when the main character goes to sleep, When i listen to it, it sounds like it should be in a nice warm house, and its raining outside."
And he's right. It does sound quite pretty. However, it's only 20 seconds long, and doesn't loop very well. I've never used MIDIs in the situation they were created for, but I suppose these things can be excused, since most sleep scenes won't last very long.

2. Fall Asleep on an Island
"Like the first MIDI this is for when you go to sleep, exept this one is better suited to an island setting."
It sounds nice and upbeat, but only lasts 8 seconds. I know it's another sleep scene, but it would be kind of awkward having one setting, switching to this for 8 seconds, and then going to something else again.

3. Scary.wav
" A weird and freaky little WAV i made using audacity, sounds from various Dmods, and a whole lotta monkeys."
First of all: o_0
Second: This one is...odd. It's 35 seconds of scary/drug crazed hobo noises on top of some background music. It starts out kind of cool, but turns into a jumble. It's also in .wav format, and while this is pretty easy to convert, someone that wants to use this may not know how, or just not want to take the time to convert it.

4. Song of the Fallen Warrior
"A kind of sad little MIDI that i thought would go well with a Soldier dying in battle."
Easily my favorite. I can actually imagine using this one, as even though it is still short (35 seconds), it could be used in a cutscene, and transition to another MIDI better than the others.

5. The Deep Pain
"Another sad MIDI from the warped mind of ME! Could be used in many kinds of sad situations!"
Again, this is one I could see being used, for the same reasons as Song of the Fallen Warrior.

6. Whatever
"Aha, now this MIDI was made by my best buddy Willz, It's a little weird, but i think its cool. Kinda... Find a use for it if you can "
Starts out promising, with an upbeat tune, but as it progresses and more instruments are added, it gets to be messy. 45 seconds long and I can't really imagine it in a cutscene. It doesn't loop very well, either.

Overall, i would recommend "Song of the Fallen Warrior" and "The Deep Pain".