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Scourger (The)

The red guy is the titular villain. He's apparently the scourge of walls. From the COTPATD project.
March 29th, 2006
Score : 7.5 good
not too bad, some fun for a day but nothing special. Same old, same old.

Good things: 1) Found only one or two bugs (could walk over water in the maze at the end but could only sometimes by using a trick come back to land again. This was very annoying since there is no savebot in the huge maze until you reach the end so it happened more than five times that I almost been through and then stuck in the water and had to make my way throgh the maze all over again)
2) everything is logical, it is at no time unclear what to do. Scripting is solid.
3) Music is cool, often created a smile upon my face

Not so good: 1) There are only a few really original ideas. 2) Monsters are only a few well-known ones. 3) Magic doesnīt seem to play a special role, although you can increase your magic you only get the normal fireball. 4) you really have to search for fine humour, since there hardly is any.

What got on my nerves: It is never especially difficult to solve the tasks.You always know exactly what to do next (I know I said this is a good point before), BUT it takes quite a time simply to DO the things. I hate it when there can no herb boots be found (Can they?). So you have to walk slowly to the one person, she tells you who you need to talk to, you walk to that person, he tells you something new to do, you do it, go back, get a new task and so on. Itīs not difficult, you only have to spend a lot of time. The only really hard thing is killing the scourger at the end. This is an improvement to some of the end-enemies in other D-mods which are often easy to kill.
My Score of 7.5 may be a little hard when you look at the other scores given. But honestly I was disappointed about these (in my opinion) too uncritical scorings since they were in the first place the reason for me to try this D-mod out. And (again in my opinion) there are many D-mods around which deserve a 9+ scoring. If everything is better than nine then there will be no differentiation anymore. And the authors may not feel to create something really special and new.