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Scourger (The)

The red guy is the titular villain. He's apparently the scourge of walls. From the COTPATD project.
September 20th, 2006
Score : 9.6 exceptional
Peasant Male Netherlands xbox
Friendship is magic 
Wow! This is just like a Dink good normal Dink game supposed to be not anything very special but just great. It has many little quests and a journal so you can remember what you're doing, it proved really useful. There is also a T key witch makes you able to throw stuff away. It also has a C key for skipping some parts. The game also has some nice scripts attached to things and there are also some nice effects at some places. Well let's just get this lined up.

Story: 9.0
Dink is sent to stop some goblins but then a red wizard shows up. Dink has to find out more about the wizard and how to beat him. Later he finds out that he needs an ice sword to beat him. To use the sword he must first find two crystals.
The story is like something happens and it's got to be solved but to solve that something else has got to be solved first. This way you'll find many quests.

Map: 9.9
It has everything in it and is well done. There are many towns, a desert, an ice region, caves, mazes, forest to much to name it. The map is great if you like exploring because there are many ways to go.

Music: 10
just great. Only the music itself was good enough to get a big smile on my face. It also fits right into the game.

Gameplay: 9.5
Very nicely done. A bit hard you would think in the beginning so you'll need to get used to it but it's just because most other D-Mods are easy. It also fits right in and builds nicely up. It's also nicely balanced so you won't get into much trouble. The endboss is nicely done and has some nice powers. It was only a bit too easy because it just had too low defence and hitpoints, I was just doing more than 60 damage! There are potions to be found, weapons to be bought and a fireball spell.

Overall: 9.6
The Scourger is a game you must play it has everything it needs only the end could have been a bit better. The special thing about it is that there are so many little quests witch makes a lot of situations of pleasure. It made me feel good, when I was feeling a bit bored or down The Scourger totally cheered me up and almost made me dance because it's just what a D-Mod supposed to be like.