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Fall of Tahmar (The)

Dink is entering the capital city of Tahmar What is Happening?? Nice rejoices with some old friends
January 11th, 2009
Score : 9.5 exceptional
I haven't played a dmod for years but I tried this one. I was very surprised how good this one was. I enjoyed playing this dmod.
The story: was very good and dink has to do a lot of things. I like that in a dmod.

The midi's: the music was good in this dmod. It makes playing the dmod a lot more nicer.

The graphics: I saw a various of graphics and the enemies were not all the same. I did not seen the dragon before that dink had to fight with in the goblin village.

Mapping: mapping was very good, I liked it

Overall, it was a very very good dmod and a specially this was the first dmod of his. Keep up the good work.