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Blacksmith's Trail (The)

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December 20th, 2015
Score : 9.2 exceptional
This dmod well accomplished exactly everything that I think the author had intended. It is a fairly short romp and it is centred around combat which was the purpose (it was created for the carnage contest). It wouldn't necessarily compare well to the great epics, but for this type of dmod, the execution was fantastic!

I think that among dmod authors, MARPRO is one of the best (if not the best) at setting mood. Or at least when it comes to a dark mood. (I've played a few of Marpros dmods).

The map is beautiful and well done. I don't recall any obvious mapping errors. It is a true-color dmod, so that raises my standards (It's far easier to make nice graphics in true-color! I know from experience that graphics suffer from conversion to the dink palette) but I think this was a dmod that was worthy of true color.

The main villain is very well scripted. This is a different villain from the end boss. It's much more interesting than the usual slashing at something while trying to stay out of range. There are also some cool sound effects in this dmod. One might find the dmod too difficult (combat-wise), but you can always cheat.

***So I must WARN you that I am going to give it a score that applies only for this specific type of dmod. It won't compare against something like CC2! But for this type of short combat romp, it is extremely well made. And for that, I give it a 9.2. I don't give a score like that lightly. Some of the dmods currently sitting at 9 or above are not what I personally consider to be exceptional. But for this type of dmod, I do feel that this one should be considered exceptional. Thus, I feel that a score of 9.2 is justified.