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Sjoerd's Quest

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July 16th, 2014
Score : 6.6 fair
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I think I love this game. It's hilarious. All the interactions just gave me so much pleasure though. There's a broken bridge, the sign next to it says "You need a sword to cross" as if trying to say that getting a sword will either fix the bridge or allow you to walk across water. Or you say, "Hey look a bird" to a guy, he turns around, you steal a map, and then he say, "Well I gotta go" and just walks off the screen. I'm not even sure why I find that funny, I just do. Or the old man who just gives you a health potion and then says, "I must go to quiet place and die now." You really should play it, it'll take like ten minutes tops.

Story: The game itself is unfinished so the story it introduces can't be completed. You're supposed to find a wizard in a park somewhere. The only park is closed and the only way to get to it is to slay a malfunctioning robot slayer. Pretty neat huh? The game pretty much ends after killing the slayer.

Combat: There's three different enemies you fight. Pillbugs- which are super easy. Slimes- which might give you a little trouble. Slayer- Which is a decent challenge.

Map: It's very linearly designed. There's not much detail and the detail they do have is fairly poorly designed.

Music: It didn't stand out much. Though there was the classical piece of music playing when fighting pillbugs. When it began playing I just started laughing at how nonsensical it was. There was a scene in the intro where dink complains about the midi choice and starts the intro over with a different one.

I definitely enjoyed playing this game even though its overall quality was lacking.