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Prophecy of the Ancients

April 20th, 2003
Score : 9.9 exceptional
Peasant Female Canada
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Prophecy of the Ancients v2.03 by Gary Hertel

The Good: This was the very first Dmod I played after beating Dink Smallwood, and I downloaded it because it was BIG (in those days that was big) and POA lived up to it's reputation. I have played this game over and over when we are Dmod dry, and it still never fails to excite me. It was the first time to morph (thanks to Dukie who explained all that to me). It made me laugh, scenery is in abundance, Dink goes everywhere and in various morphing bodies. good music 9when my speakers were working) and tons of mini adventures, so many that after awhile I forgot what I was suppose to be doing. Weapons and magic galore, and just when you think you finished the game, another quest comes along. Literally, hours of fun.

The Bad: A few small freezes and don't I always get stuck in a tree and at the time I thought, could anyone make a game more complex than this one?

Overall: A great way to start playing Dmods, this is the first of it's kind that mixed humour and adventure. This is the one I reccommend to people to try first, after they have beaten Dink Smallwood. A Great Dmod.